Write A Story in Which Fear is an Important Element

Fear is the mind killer
Write a story in which fear is an important element.

Raja and Kim Tong stepped out of Stadium Negara. They had just witnessed a very entertaining rock concert which they felt was worth every sen they had spent.

Anyhow it was already 11 p.m. and time to go home. Raja used a public telephone to inform his brother to come in with his car and fetch them from the stadium. His brother replied that he should be along in forty-five minutes or so.

Raja and Kim Tong watched the crowd vanish gradually. Half an hour later the place was almost deserted. So they sat down at the entrance and waited for Raja’s brother to come.

Another fifteen minutes passed and Raja’s brother was nowhere in sight.

The two friends waited impatiently for the car to show up. By then Stadium Negara was as quiet as a tomb. Fortunately, the lights outside were still on so they were not completely in the dark.

Presently a car showed up. It slowed down where the two friends sat. It stopped. Five mean-looking men came out. The two friends froze. Who were they? What did they want?

Very quickly the five men were upon the two friends. Raja was a stout fellow but Kim Tong was very skinny. Anyway, they could not possibly outfight the five men. So they were roughed up and asked a lot of questions. Raja realized that these men were gangsters who controlled the area. They suspected that Raja and Kim Tong were members of another gang who were trying to invade their territory. They asked the two friends why they were hanging around the stadium so late in the night. Raja replied that they were waiting for his brother to pick them up. The men were not satisfied with the explanation. They threatened to kill the two of them.

One of the five men returned to the car and brought out a wicked-looking parang. Kim Tong started to cry and begged them not to kill him. Raja almost collapsed with fear. Was his life going to end like this? He felt like crying too.

Then one of the men, obviously the leader, ordered the two frightened fellows into the car. Raja and Kim Tong thought that it was really going to be the end for them. They sat in the back seat sandwiched between two burly men. It was a tight squeeze but the two friends were in no position to complain.

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Next, the leader drove the car to a dark corner of the stadium and stopped. The two friends wondered what was happening but they could do nothing.
After half an hour of torture in the stationary car, Raja and Kim Tong saw Raja’s brother’s car appear. The leader warned them to keep quiet. Raja’s brother drove the car around for a while and after five minutes or so, drove off after failing to find the two friends.
Immediately the leader followed the car. Raja feared that his brother too was going to be a victim of these thugs. He wanted to do something but he was too frightened. The parang was not something to argue with.
So all the way to Section 14 in Petaling Jaya, the thugs, and their prisoners followed Raja’s brother’s car. Finally, after what seemed an eternity of fear and discomfort, Raja’s brother stopped in front of his house, got out, and went into the house. The leader drove past the house slowly to have a close look. He then stopped the car about a hundred meters from Raja’s house and ordered the two friends to get out. He was satisfied with the turn of events and decided to free the two friends!
Quietly the two friends got out shedding tears of joy. They ran all the way back to Raja’s house to tell the worried family of their ordeal with the gangsters. They were so glad they came out alive.

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