What is difference between colocation and web hosting?

The colocation and web hosting are not the same but the same. In deep clarification, it is obviously the different things. This type of hosting will be suitable for a nearly located server. That’s why it will perform better than other service providers.  It’s difficult to best perform when its server is in a different location. And others hosting like shared will take too time to load. So let’s begin the full tutorial for more information.

Whatever the process is, generally we first will look at safety. Security and safety are essential for all. Meanwhile, a lot of companies are being hacked every day, if we take extra care of our site’s infrastructure we can protect our site from hackers.

Well, at first we should know colocation. After that will discuss the difference between these two types of hosting.

What is colocation hosting?

Colocation means storing server data in a physical house, rented room or office. At this time, you have to manage it on your own stuff. Maintaining this kind of hosting may save a lot of money.

There are two types of web hosting services one is managing hosting and investing hosting. Let’s take a deep discussion into it.

Managed Colocation Hosting

What is the meaning of managed hosting? Well, a server you need to upgrade, maintenance, repair, add-on, set up and all various things managed by your own team or stuff that’s going to be managed Hosting.

Investing Colocation Hosting

You don’t need to worry about upgrades, maintenance, server monitoring and all others. take care of this hosting company where you brought the web hosting package. It takes a few more costs for monitoring.

How Does Data Center/Colocation Work?

Colocation is taking your existing infrastructure and rehousing it within a secure data center. The data center provider will often take care of important aspects such as ensuring they provide you with redundant network connectivity, power and cooling.

Key Features of Colocation

  •         Control the machine
  •         Pay rent, Power & Bandwidth
  •         High Work

Why would you choose Colocation?

For many organizations making the right decision in terms of how to host their IT application can be quite tricky, especially when they’ve invested huge amounts into their IT infrastructure already.

However, as their business scales so does the need for their IT infrastructures to scale. At times there are organizations that have considered moving their IT applications to the cloud. Anyway, their applications are designed in a way that simply won’t run on the cloud effectively. In both these scenarios, this is when colocation comes into the equation.

How is colocation handled by many hosting providers?

Various hosting provides colocation to our customers on a global scale, spanning multiple data centers in key locations worldwide. They can either perform a lift or shift operation where they migrate your existing IT infrastructure into their data center or they can provide you with a bespoke kit to rack within their data centers.

In all cases, they provide customers with a resilient environment and provide them with the ongoing support that they need. You can speak to one of their cloud consultants about colocation offerings.

Difference between colocation and web hosting

Usually, we take web hosting from a company.  Those web hosting servers are kept in a safe place and each user’s data is exchanged through the cloud.  And this user uses that data to get the necessary information to the visitors with the help of a platform.

Advantages of web hosting Disadvantages of web Hosting
  • Hosting will be cheaper than colocation service
  • No need to maintenances server equipment
  • Get support by the hosting provider
  • No need to rent or house to set up IT infrastructure
  • Suitable for small or medium types of businesses.
  • Many web hosting providers take much more amount than the standard price
  • Weak security can be hacked a website
  • Most promotional ads/references aren’t qualified for serving.
  • Web Traffic congestion is a major problem for cheaper hosting providers.


Advantage of Colocation Disadvantage of Colocation
  • Better connectivity within data center to the office server
  • Colocation is like a dedicated data center for IT Infrastructure.
  • Stored your data server in a cabinet
  • Datacenter equipment will take care of power, cooling, IP address & bandwidth.
  • It will be secure because it is not shared with others.
  • its Cost will be increased than other hosting plans
  • May charge for the maintenances, upgrade and safety



Security, reliability and control over colocation hosting

This type of hosting is more or less a little bit of a chance for hacking. It separately stores your data in this specific location. There will be no other administrator than you. On the other hand, it’s reliable for using and best connectivity within server and receiver. There is no other user’s control over this colocation, in fact, it’s safe, secure and reliable.

Improved Internet Bandwidth: The servers you are connecting your sites to will get very good bandwidth as they are connected to your hosting provider’s channel. You can high-speed connection from colocation server to your office. 

Server Cooling System and Climate Control: These servers offer ideal service due to their environmentally friendly automatic cooling system.  And because of this cooling option, the devices are less likely to get hot.

Reliable Power: Typically, stable power is available due to battery backup, generator, and electricity, in this type of service.  In fact, no hosting company can say that we offer the service with a 100% guarantee.  Collection hosting can be the best because of its own power.

Bonus Information:

Choosing a server that really depends on you. According to your business, you can use Shared, VPS dedicated and Colocation hosting. We would suggest you use VPS or a dedicated server and for a big company should choose Colocation Hosting.

Basically, colocation hosting is compared to cloud hosting. On the other hand, colocation is basically like dedicated hosting and you can customize it all over the place on these servers. Afterward, it will be suitable for big dreamers who are passionate or professional about blogging. 

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