What is a Free Web Hosting Service?

Top list of free web hosting for free
Free Web Hosting Service

Well, you’re searching for free hosting service, right? Or you’re looking for some enough information to know about the free web hosting service. In this article, I’ll share everything about it.

What does free hosting mean?

Free host means host any site on the virtual world without paying any providers that are free hosting services. More similarly, use a server to host a site on the internet; it’s called free service of hosting.


Is there any free hosting?

Yeah, definitely! There are a lot of providers offering you to host your site on their server. But the question is where is their profit if they are giving it to you for free? Well, if you host any cost of free service at a time they’ll offer or ask you to upgrade your site unless you can’t run your site anymore. That is the logic of businesses to increase their revenue.


What is free hosting and offshore hosting?

Generally, you don’t need to pay for content where you have hosted your content. We can call it free hosting as opposed to offshore means self-explanatory. It means off or this server out of range or country. Here is an example: in PUBG games there are the same servers but different counties. When one server is disconnected from a territory and still others are working properly.

Note: Offshore hosting isn’t free of cost service. Normally, it pays higher than the local plan.


Is Free Web Hosting Safe?

I think, sometimes it can be a warning to you. Because, providers can access your host anytime even without noticing you they can remove your hosting services. Most of the time, they make promotional offers to upgrade free to paid service. Sooner or later, your site won’t be indexed in different search engines. So if you’re thinking about it widely then leave this free service.


How is a free web hosting different from paid hosting?

Free web hosting means using a hosting package without paying hosting providers. On the other hand, paying a hosting provider for your hosting service that is paid hosting. In a free pack, almost your site on the server there will be down. In that case, maximum time server loading speed will be low. For this reason, your site’s loading speed will be slow. Also, that kind of server may not be responding all time. That is the basic difference from paid hosting. Checkout the most common different hints of free from paid hosting.

In a free hosting –

  •         Free package means no priority in security.
  •         Your data may be shared with third party owners.
  •         In a free hosting you have ads on your website.
  •         Maximum time server staying down or busy.
  •         Staying after a long time they will tell you to upgrade to paid service.

In a paid hosting –

  •         No unwanted ads in paid pack
  •         Chosen domain name as desired.
  •         Almost no downtime on the server.
  •         Better site loading speed.
  •         More disk space in buying hosting packs.

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What is the best free web hosting Service?

In my opinion, all the websites hosting are not the same service you will give. But the fact is that, they will say that, they are performing their 100% capacity but actually they will give you 100% of 70% to 80% even if it might be 60% or less in many free hosting providers.

Well, we collected some amazing hosting service sites normally that will not crash or down. Let’s take over the top 7 companies worldwide.

list of top 7 free hosting companies

  1. WordPress.com is the free blogging site where you can start your blogging without any cost of money. Their quality of performance is mind-blowing. Neat and clean optimization themes & get a free subdomain name.

Rating: 99 out of 100.

  1. Blogger.com is also a free website making site. World’s fastest content delivery network (CDN) site. Easy to create a blog site within a few minutes. There is a subdomain with a new site.

Rating: 98 out of 100.

  1. Weebly.com is a popular website builder platform where there is a free template to start a small blog in minutes. It’s included ads in free plan but when you upgrade to paid plan its more features will be unlocked and disks space.

Rating: 97 out of 100.

  1. Wix.com totally free to create a blog site. It supports placing ads on your blog. Anytime, you can upgrade free to paid plan. In a free plan available 500 GB storage & bandwidth.

Rating: 96 out of 100.

  1. 000webhost.com is a free hosting provider. It’s basically suitable for the student needs to create a small size of blog. One website limited bandwidth, 1 email free with this hosting plan.

Rating: 95 out of 100.

  1. Infinityfree.net is actually an awesome website. They’re allowed to run the site without forcing any advertisement on the website. Most valued features of Free SSL, free subdomain, unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Rating: 96 out of 100.

  1. Cloud.google.com is the best option to start a new blog. Normally, it’s suitable for new start-up businesses or for the students. New customers will get $300 dollars for spending on Google cloud hosting. All customer get free usage of 20+ products.

Rating: 98 out of 100.

Is there any free web hosting without ads?

I’m not talking about the what is shared hosting! Most of the free hosting providers have ads on their hosting. It’s rare to find a service which has no ads on the hosting package. They customize their platform by adding promotional ads. In fact, that is the profit of their main source of income.

  •         WordPress.com
  •         000Webhost.com
  •         Wix.com
  •         Byet.Host
  •         Weebly.com
  •         AwardSpace
  •         GoDaddy Website Builder
  •         FreeWebhostingArea
  •         Squarespace.com
  •         Google Cloud Hosting
  •         Freehostia
  •         Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  •         InfinityFree
  •         HyperPHP
  •         x10hosting

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The final word is that if you’re testing that what is blogging? Then you may start your blogging with these free hosting. Personally, I suggest that if you’re taking this profession as a blogging you should give up thinking about free hosting. So that, There are many more companies still offering to build a site with cheap rates. There you can start your blog within $30 to $35 (Domain & Hosting).

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