Top 10 Reasons Why VPS Is So Expensive?

Why is VPS hosting expensive? Of course, some special activities make VPS hosting a little much more expensive. Today’s discussion is exactly which reasons VPS is more costly.

Nowadays, most of the hosting users (due to the price advantage, various simple features and fairly good quality) buy shared hosting for their website.  But in shared hosting, your website is hosted by many more website owners.  That means a virtual computer is used by many users.

As a result, the loading speed of the website is reduced from time to time, and if the number of visitors increases, the site will go offline and there will be many complications.  On the other hand, VPS hosting  is like your personal computer.

If you buy that virtual computer you can use it as you wish.  Just like a personal computer.  Even if millions of visitors come in a month, the loading speed of your site will not decrease.

01. A few users on VPS Hosting

Generally, the hosting that is created inside a server with a small number (limited) of users is called VPS hosting.  Due to this, the user’s site takes much less time to load a webpage.

On the other hand, it can be said that a site hosting usually has 2000 to 3000 hosting users in shared hosting, it’s depends of contents, theme, and how many plugin you’re using on your site to load. Shared hosting takes a longer time to load the site than VPS.

02. What kinds of OS in VPS Hosting

When it comes to choosing a VPS hosting. Normally, there are the top 2 operating systems (OS) in VPS hosting. Let’s know more advanced information about this 2 OS.

Linux OS

The Linux operating system is open source. Anyone can use it at a cheaper price than windows. Normally, All the OS are cheap rate to buy any plan.

Windows OS

Windows operating system managed by their own Microsoft team. This VPS is usually a little bit more expensive than Linux Hosting. For using it no advanced knowledge is required. It’s easiest to manage Windows OS. If you are facing any problems then knock the hosting provider to solve your problems.

A list of Linux & Windows-Based Operating Systems

  • Archlinux
  • Centos 7 & 8
  • Debian 9 & 1o
  • Fedora 32 & 33
  • FreeBSD 12 ZFS
  • Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 20.04 & 20.10
  • Windows Server Standard 16, 19 (Desktop)

03. SSD Storage on VPS Hosting

Most VPS hosting uses SSD storage and the use of SSD improves the loading of the site which allows the users to get a fast site loading user experience.

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SSD will perform much better than the old-fashioned HDD, which makes the cost of these hosting a bit higher than HDD.

04. VPS is much more worthy it than other plans

VPS hosting is not a very expensive price compared to other hosting but these packages usually come in packages ranging from $400 to $2000 per year. These packages usually depend on how much the service will cost & resources.

It depends on how much money you have and which position your site is going. Normally, it would be the best option for you when your site age almost two years that means the age of your site minimum one year.

05. Separate Hardware Resources

As we can see inside shared hosting, many websites are hosted inside a server. Many resources like CPU, storage, RAM, etc. of that server are getting each website from that one server.

And usually different types of resources are added inside the VPS, such as storage, RAM, CPU, etc. The internal hardware are placed separately, for that reason webpages of the VPS hosting users load faster.

07. VPS hosting website loading speed is much higher than shared hosting.

Where many sites are hosted inside the shared hosting.  On the other hand, in VPS a few websites are hosted with a group of servers, so it takes a lot less time to load the site from such servers.  And many sites are hosted inside shared hosting, so this type of server takes a little longer to load.

That’s why we suggest that you should choose VPS Hosting. From this point of view, when your site gets a good amount of visitors that time is the perfect moment to choose or migrate VPS hosting. It depends on how many visitors are coming nowadays to your site. Then you can choose how much bandwidth should be taken for your website.

08. VPS hosting has more security as only your site will be on one hard disk

Having a website on a hard disk makes it less likely to be hacked and provides much better security in terms of another hosting.

VPS hosting is the most profitable for medium-level websites.  The medium level here means not too few and not too many visitors to the site.

09. Advantage & Disadvantage of VPS Hosting

Various benefits of VPS Hosting:

  • Websites that use VPS hosting have much higher loading speeds than websites that share shared hosting.
  • Shared hosting is not in one place but a separate Ram, Hard Disk, CPU.
  • VPS hosting has more security as only your site will be on one hard disk.
  • The use of modern technology and high-performance hardware in VPS hosting makes the website faster and more secure.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

  • Prices are a little higher than shared hosting.
  • A computer like dedicated hosting cannot be used entirely as a server.

10. Modern technology in VPS hosting

The use of modern technology and high-performance hardware in VPS hosting makes the website faster and more secure.

In the modern world, systems are correcting & modifying so why this section stays behind. It will be going on its way. A lot of resources are changing like HDD to SSD storage, Shared to Dedicated Hosting, updating programing coding structure etc.


After all, different kinds of companies require varieties of pricing on VPS hosting that’s why VPS hosting is expensive now. To get better quality hosting service you’ve to spend more on those kinds of services because there is no compromise with quality. Better quality means a high price. Windows VPS is usually more expensive than a Linux one. And it would be recommended when a website stands from around a minimum 5k to 10k visitors on a site.

When it comes to choosing hosting, we should consider VPS hosting. If you enjoyed reading this post, let us know and comment on what kind of post you want next.

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