Is Blogger Site Need To An Extra Hosting Service (Pack) To Alive A Website?

It is an excellent question to know about blogging platforms. Nowadays, many blogging platforms are offering you to start your first blog. In that case, some platforms are offering to start your blog for free permanently. Let’s check out which platforms are free to use & which are paid in the list.

does need blogger hosting service?

Here are a few most popular free blogging Sites

  6. & many other online marketplaces, you can start your blog for free.

Note: Blogger & WordPress is used for custom domain names. And in WordPress, also add a hosting package to run WordPress.Org.

WordPress.Com is limited to publishing content in blogs. You can use up to 3 GB of storage.

On this list to check which platforms suit best to you!

Blogging Platforms

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Medium
  • Tumblr
  • Joomla
  • Ghost
  • TypePad
  • Jekyll
  • HostGator
  • Strikingly
  • Constant Contact

On these platforms, you can start your blog now. In these, WordPress Blogger Medium & Tumblr are free to create hosted site subsites. We all know that Blogger is a product of Google. They don’t compromise the quality of their services. So, a Blogger hosted site or CDN (Content Delivery Network) is the fastest worldwide system.

Is it free to use Blogger Hosting Service on my site?

Yes, you can use Google hosting for free on your site, either its sub-domain or custom domain name. It doesn’t matter! No need to add an extra hosting pack on the Blogger site. Remember that, Blogger is unlimited. You can use their storage for photos 1 GB and Google Drive or other services for 15 GB storage, which is being used per account (in Blogger, you can use for Article, Picture, Video, Files, etc.) as per contents.

Best key Features of Blogger Site

Blogger is a fantastic site that you can use. It Is easy to create your blog within a few minutes. There is a tremendous tool also for free to use. Now take a look at these bullet lists. in that case, you will be more familiar with BlogSpot. 

Use for Free In Blogger:

  • Creating a blog is free. – You can get a subdomain name for your blog example: (Change your selected title instead of yourname).
  • Add easily any theme – in the default theme section. Or you can find more gorgeous themes on the internet to search for your desired theme on Google. Now, download that free theme and upload that’s it.
  • Monetization – you can monetize your free site when you have enough posts and rank in your blog via Google AdSense.
  • Google Analytics – when you have verified your site in Google analytics with just an HTML code to put into your site header, that’s it.
  • Blogger Storage: How many posts you have on your blog? It doesn’t need to think about this. Because Google provides unlimited storage for Bloggers, your blog’s photos, videos, articles, and all other data will be secure in Google storage.

Use for Paid In Blogger:

  • Custom Domain name – If you want to add a custom domain name to your Blogger site, you must purchase a domain name.
  • Choosing a theme – if blogger default or internet collected theme isn’t enough for your blog, you must have to buy premium themes.

Does the BlogSpot site need to run a domain and hosting service?

There is no need to purchase a hosting package. Google will host your blog on their servers. And there is no way to add a custom hosting service on the BlogSpot site.

On the other hand, every blog will get a sub-domain URL That is free to use in a lifetime. If you want to use a custom domain name in a BlogSpot site, you should purchase a domain from Google Domain or anywhere else as you wish.

Note: if you’re troubleshooting to choose a perfect custom domain name kindly, check out this article on how do I Pick a Best Domain Name for My Website?

Just redirect the BlogSpot domain from the control panel to use a custom domain name on the site. If the domain has expired, Google will revert your original sub-domain URL.

Can I start a blog without hosting?

Yes, you can start blogging with no hosting service. In the online world, many online platforms offer you to create a blog free of cost (FOC). Among them, Blogger is one of the most influential and popular ways to rank your blog easily. And it’s also easy to post, customize the template, pageview analysis, AdSense Monetization, easy to set Meta tag, Meta description, free neat and clean default template, etc.


  • Blogger is easy to use.
  • You don’t need to advance or programming knowledge to use the BlogSpot platform.
  • Google is protected, secured, and reliable for blogger users.


  • With limited widgets to use in Blogger, those widget isn’t updated regularly.
  • You can’t customize your site like mind wise.
  • Only some necessary tools you can use in Blogger and personal tools are not allowed in BlogSpot.
  • If Google sees that you illegally use their services, Google has the right to remove your blog, even your account anytime.


It’s a free service and gets subdomain free. It’s like two birds with one stone. By the way, if you need a different domain for your blog, here are third-party domain registrars.


After all, I want to tell you that, Blogger is the best for you to start your blog for me. It’s suitable for beginners. These platforms need to expense your money for it. So you can only focus on your content writing quickly. When it is more popular, and then you don’t want to stay on this platform, you can convert your blog to any other platforms. I prefer that you should try Blogger to WordPress.

So, choose the best online blogging systems are suit to you! But always remember that, stop thinking about earning money from a new blog. It would help if you worked hard on it to make great content without visitors. Your site is just like a useless part. Happy blogging, start your blog now!

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