Essay on Man’s use of the forces of nature.

The forces of nature are used by man to generate energy for his many needs.

Beautiful nature is destroying by man
Essay on Man’s use of the forces of nature. 

Gravity, being a fundamental force of nature, is always present. One of the most obvious effects of gravity is that it makes water flow. The flow of water has long been used by man for various purposes. Rivers are used for travelling and transportation. Dams, both natural and man-made, enable electricity to be generated. On a smaller scale, water power is used to run mills and do other simple work for man.

There is research being carried out to harness the energy of waves. This energy is again converted to electricity to serve man.

By far, electricity is the most versatile of all of nature’s energy. Untamed it is like lightning that .wreaks havoc wherever it strikes. Harnessed properly via giant generators and other devices, electricity provides us with much of the energy we consume. Just think how many of our m. odern appliances run on electricity. lectricity, we will have Without e no electric light, air-conditioner, television, radio electronic ,  computer, rice coo motor car etc. So it is without doubt our most important source of energy.

The Earth is surrounded by a huge invisible magnetic force field that stays reasonably constant all the time. Ever since the discovery of the magnetic compass, man had made use of it for navigation. The compass is still being used today by aeroplanes and ships that sail the seas. It is an indispensible component of navigation. It enables man to find his way around the entire planet.

The most powerful force on the entire planet is the force release in an atomic explosion. Man discovered this awesome force just about fifty years ago and has since been trying to harness it safely and profitably. Unfortunately nuclear energy is still a very difficult thing to control. No doubt it is a source of tremendous and almost inexhaustible energy, but the price we must pay for using it seems too much. Nobody wants to be burdened by the by-products of an atomic reactor. They are too toxic and radioactive. The problems associated with safe disposal of these by-products are too numerous to surmount. Unless man finds better ways to harness the power of the atom, it is better he leaves it alone. Otherwise man might destroy himself with it. 
Sadly too, atomic energy is being used to make estruction. Man is his bombs. Bombs are nothing but tools of d madness or ignorance has stockpiled thousands of such horrors and they are just waiting to be let loose upon the world. So far, only Hiroshima and Nagasaki had tasted the horror of the atomic bomb. There is much fear that one day the whole world will be consumed by a nuclear war that will end everything for man. If that happens it will just be man’s foolishness. He is given this whole beautiful Earth to enjoy in. If he uses what he is given correctly, he lives. If he uses what he is given foolishly, he will certainly perish. 

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