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A so enjoyable Birthday party
A So Enjoyable Birthday Party

It was 7.30 p.m. when I reached the gate of Mary’s house with her birthday present in my hand, Sixteenth birthdays are a big thing with teenagers, and it was no different from Mary. It was to be a big party also it was the weekend end of the holiday.

She greeted me at the door and I handed her present. She thanked me ushered me into the living room.

The living room was decorated with colorful streamers and balloons. Some of my friends were already there. Right smack in the middle of the room was the birthday cake on a table. Sixteen candles sat on top of the cake. The candles were not lit yet.

I commented on how lovely the cake looked and everyone agreed. Mary brought me a glass of orange juice.

By eight just about everyone invited was present. So Mary’s mother summoned us to the dining room to start off the party by eating the food prepared by her. There were fried chicken, fried mee, sandwiches, meat rolls, and other delicious stuff. Mary’s mother can certainly cook. She must have spent the whole day preparing the things.

The thirty or so youngsters present there made short work of the food and drinks. I must have eaten a great deal too for I felt rather full. After the feast, we adjourned to the living room to continue the proceedings. The stereo set in the living room was working full-time paying our favorite songs. We sat or stood around in the room chatting with each other or simply listening to the songs.

After a while, Mary’s parents and siblings appeared and her father lit the sixteen candles on her cake. Someone switched off the stereo set and we gathered around the birthday cake. All of us sang “Happy Birthday” to Mary while she shed tears of joy. After our not-so-harmonious rendition oat the birthday song, Mary blew out the candles with one put and cut the cake as we applauded.

Each of us took a piece of cake to share in the happy occasion. Mary’s mother gave a short speech thanking us for making the party possible. Robin, the wise-guy, quipped that he would do it for anyone as long as the food was good. Everyone laughed.

The stereo set was switched on again with the latest dance music. The lights were dimmed and we proceeded to enjoy ourselves dancing in the living room after clearing the table. Mary’s parents were certainly very liberal in this sort of thing. However, it did not spoil Mary in any way. I guessed that they know when to be liberal and when not to.

Anyhow, we had a great time dancing the evening away, so to speak. By eleven most of us had to leave. I had to anyway because I was expected home before midnight. So after expressing my thanks to Mary and her family I walked back to my house which was not too far away. It had been an enjoyable party.

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