7 Effective Tips for Choosing Shared Hosting Plans for Newbie

Process of Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting System


Generally, as an newbie businessman wants to earn by their site through their online platforms like blog, e-commerce, or other base topic website. According to their plan, some users haven’t enough money to run a dedicated hosting package to get a high-speed loading site. Shared hosting is the cheapest way a build a site quickly. That’s why you should find an alternative solution to run your site for better performance. 

In that case, you cannot build our dream site as you want. Most of the time, webmasters want cheap rate hosting plans. They have not enough idea about the shared hosting plan. So in today’s tutorial, I will try to share with you what is shared hosting for a newcomer website builder.

In the new generation, for a person have a single website usually ordinary matter. But the fact is, will our site be secure in the future? Or will our site perform better like loading speed on-site? Many questions were rounding on our brains at all times.

  1. What is the Simple Answer to Shared Hosting?

Let us talk about shared hosting! Shared hosting is a popular hosting plan where many site owners in a server host more than one site that is called shared hosting. You should know their server conditions like RAM, Processor, Storage, and Bandwidth & CPU in this shared hosting plan. Why you have to know it? Because a sharing server in all the site owners distributes these systems from one sever by hosting provider.

  1. Services of Shared Hosting:

All the security-related issues or all kinds of problems will solve the hosting provider by their responsibility. It depends on the hosting supplier packages. Even all features are not the same by their terms and conditions. Therefore, before taking any plan, you have to read their policy page carefully. For example, Email, Sub-domain, Database, Free cPanel, Free SSL, Disk Space, Bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, Backup system are essential.

Now, let us talk about the advantage and disadvantages of sharing hosting!

  1. Advantage of using shared hosting

Affordable Pricing: sharing hosting is the best way to create a website at an affordable price for your business. Shared hosting is a very reasonable plan because the cost of a sharing web hosting pack so cheap & can be shared with other websites owner on the server. And host a lot of websites so providers can provide a hosting package at a low price. In a paid hosting, shared hosting is the cheapest rate to host your site on servers. That’s why it’s the first choice or most popular plan for an online beginner entrepreneur.

Advantages of use: It is effortless to use. As a result, no need to have some experience. You can host any kinds of site which you want, static, even dynamic site. It’s better to use medium or small sites which have around monthly twenty to thirty thousand visitors. Besides, shared hosting providers have given you a control panel by which you can manage your site activities.

Server Maintenance: Don’t worry about using shared hosting because providers will face any kinds of problems & all types of responsibility to take maintenances. Even sometimes, clients (You) will get some technical support from them.

Now, talk about the disadvantage of shared hosting.

  1. Disadvantages of using shared hosting

Limited Resource: On a big website, thousands of visitors are coming & going. So, sometimes your website with little bandwidth causes may be server down. It will be stupidity when you’re thinking about giant planning for your website with a shared hosting package.

Downtime: Most of the companies offering shared host service due to low price and having buyer demand. But they don’t want to tell the real truth of a specific limit. On the other way, if one website takes too long to respond or has many visitors, then usually the server falls with this problem will be affected by others site. As a result, visitors don’t want to revisit these sites. You might lose some visitors.

Unreliable: shared hosting has some essential elements that have been divided into clients. That’s why it’s impossible to track the hosting service clients (you) are using now! As a result, these sites can be attacked with any malware or viruses. If one site had attacked, maybe it won’t take long to attack another site on the same server.

  1. How does different shared hosting between VPS & Dedicated Hosting?

You are comparing your sharing hosting plan with VPS and Dedicated hosting. It’s straightforward to define. Firstly, Dedicated Web Hosting is generally used for a single website. So usually, this server performs at excellent speed for a site.

VPS or Virtual Private Servers 

It’s a little bit different from mutual hosting because no other website is hosted on your VPS server. Its looks like your personal computer. The provider will give you separate space, RAM, CPU, etc., is needed.

  1. Any Other Alternative Plan for Shared Hosting?

There isn’t any alternative plan with divided hosting. It’s the cheapest plan than any other hosting. Generally, I newbie website users for low costing. But always remember that for an affordable price, there is no alternate option to choose from hosting. But you can upgrade at any time to other plans.

There are some hints for this Hosting Plan.

  • It’s cheapest than any other plan
  • Get quick support from your providers
  • Naturally best plan for newbie website users.
  • Almost it’s not possible to know your neighbor’s website information on the same server.
  • It will take too long to respond to load the full site.
  • Load fastest in dedicated & VPS hosting than Shared.
  • The server can be overloaded for sharing another site on that same server.
  1. Final Decision to buying Shared Hosting!

Above all, after discussing the issues, it is understood that shared hosting has both advantages and disadvantages. Don’t waste money on a lousy performing site.

It would be best if you chose a high-quality web hosting service provider to get good quality service, and in case of any problems, they will protect your site through appropriate measures.

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