5 Points Which is better web hosting or WordPress hosting

Finding a better hosting plan is not an easy task. To find a suitable hosting pack, you’ve determined a few perfect things for you. Now, let’s discuss a complete guide about these issues.

First of all, you have to confirm what shared hosting & WordPress hosting are. Without knowing these two basic things, you’re worthless in this post. But don’t worry. We are here to help you learn the steps.

Firstly, let’s drive into what is hosting and how many types of hosting?

Well, hosting is buying or renting space for the virtual world on the internet. So that an internet user can find your site by address bar or search engines. In addition, your website can most likely create HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc., and content like Text, Images, Video, Animation, etc., that is enough for a single static website.

Now it’s time to learn both hosting plans and know whether shared hosting or WordPress hosting is suitable for you. Before starting these two important parts of a website, we will cover first shared hosting and then WordPress hosting.

1. What is shared hosting for a website? 

To give you an Introduction to shared hosting, we will now draw a pen picture of shared hosting.

A hosting provider can host multiple websites on a single website. They host more than one website, and those will be using that disk space, CPU, memory, etc., from a single server, called shared. We have shared a post, which you can find by visiting this link 7 Effective Tips for Choosing Shared Hosting Plans for Newbies.

From the one shared account, a website owner can use any kind of CMS (Content Management System), there is no restriction on use. In other words, a single server can be split between multiple sites through this type of hosting. You can choose from several types of hosting plans considering your requirements and pricing options.

However, there are some drawbacks of shared hosting as well. For instance, you will need to share resources with different sites, which can affect the security and traffic of your website.

An introduction to WordPress hosting:

As you know, WordPress is the most prominent website originator in the world. This is a free and open-source CMS system that runs more than 455 million sites among the total 1.3 billion sites.

WordPress hosting is one kind of web hosting to handle WordPress websites. Taking the service of a WordPress host, you would get several elements and tools for tailoring the WordPress sites.

2. The Differences Between Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting: Shared Hosting vs. WordPress Hosting

As you see in the name, WordPress hosting means the web hosting option which supports a WordPress site. On the other hand, shared hosting is an option that you can share, dedicate, or anything else.

One important aspect of WordPress hosting is that it ensures security and boosts performance.  Again, you will obtain platform-specific components like auto-update, dedicated support, and pre-installed websites.

In contrast, shared hosting hosts several sites on one server. Things like CPU, memory, disk space, etc., can be shared, as well as expenses are divided between all the service takers on that server. Thus, it can be said that shared hosting is very cost-effective.

Again as shared hosting provides endless storage capacity, this type of hosting can store everything. Contrary to WordPress hosting, shared hosting enables almost all CMS options.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of Shared Hosting

As we have reviewed earlier, shared hosting lets you run your site with the framework. There are some pros and cons of both types of hosting plans here. We already know about shared hosting. Presently, let us know some advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting services.

Advantages of Shared Hosting:

  • Budget-friendly: A shared hosting plan is very inexpensive, and you can afford it even with $2.75 monthly. So, people with budget issues can take advantage right away.
  • cPanel: As you can organize your site, domains, emails, and many more aspects very easily, there is cPanel available.
  • Email Accounts: Shared hosting services offer professional email services without extra charge.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:

  • Slow loading: Shared hosting sites can take much time to load in comparison to WordPress hosting.
  • Downtime: There might be several downtimes on a few shared hosting providers.
  • Incompatible with high-traffic websites: Shared hosting might not be an option if your site contains too much traffic.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting runs only the WordPress sites and helps your website boost its performance. At the same time, it is suitable for more traffic, and if you want a more secure site, WordPress hosting is an option. Despite this, this type of hosting also has some drawbacks. Now, let us take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting services.

Advantages of Managed WordPress hosting:

  • Daily Backups: This hosting will offer a safe backup of your database daily.
  • Quick loading and Secure: WordPress hosting comes with the most recent features and makes your site faster and secure from malware.
  • Core Updates: You will get core WordPress updates as well as theme and plugin updates regularly.
  • Premium Support: WordPress hosts give the customers regular all-out support to solve their problems.

Disadvantages of Managed WordPress hosting:

  • Costly: To note, the disadvantage of WordPress hosting is that it is far more expensive than other hosting services.
  • Restrictions on some Plugins: You won’t be able to use some plugins as their service emphasizes giving rise to your site more optimized for faster response.
  • Allows WordPress Sites only: In contrary to the shared hosts, the managed hosting only enables the WordPress websites.

5. Shared or Managed WordPress Hosting – Which Plan will be Suitable For You?

It’s a tough call when choosing between WordPress hosting or shared hosting.

Typical shared hosting and WordPress hosting both are very fluent in building websites. Still, as you need to choose one option out there, you must compare and decide which one will be most suitable for your website.

Now we are going to distinguish between the two types of hosting plans. There are a few factors to be considered. For example, the cost of hosting. As we mentioned earlier, shared hosting comes at a very affordable price. So, if you need to set up a new website or blog, shared hosting can be a very convenient option.

However, if you are worried about the security of your site, then shared hosting might be a bit risky. WordPress hosting is a platform-specific option. That is why WordPress hosting is more recommended for building a heavyweight site. And it would be constructed to the requirements of your specific website.

Another important thing to keep in your mind is, managed WordPress hosting can be an effective option to build a more worthwhile and secure website. However, it will be more expensive than typical hosting plans. But if you need high performance and a highly secured site, then you had better go for managed WordPress hosting.

Eventually, there is no right or wrong between the two types of hosting plans. You have to make the decision depending on your requirements. So we will recommend you realize whether you have particular needs for your website or just want an inexpensive hosting option.

Let’s Wrap Up

Web hosting is considered one of the most crucial aspects of building a new website. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you can now decide whether to go for a shared hosting or WordPress hosting service.

If you are looking to build a small site or blog, then shared hosting can be an easy choice that comes at a very reasonable cost. On the contrary, if you need a very optimized as well as a secure website, then spend some extra bucks to purchase a WordPress host.

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