3 Reasons Switch to Dedicated From VPS Server

We suggest to our readers that consideration be given to various reasons. As well as the difficulties that beginners often face when choosing a web hosting. In particular, the article tells why it is better to switch to a Dedicated Server from a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Many users like to create various websites. Naturally, initially in most cases, these are small projects with minimal needs. But over time, as a rule, sites improve and develop and they already need much more attention and resources.

At the same time, sooner or later a time comes when the previous virtual host is no longer enough. And the inexorable hoster constantly disconnects the user due to “peak overloads on a particular server used, provoked by too high site traffic.”

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So, after the indescribable delight and joy caused by the high popularity of the Internet project. The developer gradually begins to notice that his “brainchild” already urgently needs of expanding the “living space”, which must be provided for full functioning.

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But first you need to make sure that the site has really already developed to the level when it is time to move it to a full-fledged Dedicated Server (or Dedicated Hosting).

Now we will list the main reasons that indicate that a Dedicated Server is exactly what you need.

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Reason # 1 for switching to a VPS or dedicated server

You managed to notice that the number of unique visitors, as well as their actual activity on your site, has already exceeded a certain threshold. After which the previous web hosting can no longer cope with its responsibilities. As a result of which it starts to periodically disconnect.

Today, the standard threshold for disconnecting web hosting can be considered cases. When a host occupies more than a fifth of the total processing power of the server in use for thirty seconds or more. To be more specific, then this is about a hundred visitors who are on the site at the same time and actively use it.

Yes, the actual number of users simultaneously visiting the site is the main reason for the constant collapse of the site. the urgent need to switch from hosting to a virtual server or from a VPS to a dedicated physical server. And not their total number, for example, per day. If two thousand unique visitors are recorded per day and they simultaneously generate twenty thousand clicks. Then it is too early to say that web hosting will not cope with high-quality site service.

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Why You Choose to Dedicated Servers from an VPS?

Simply put, if these visitors enter the site evenly throughout the day and spend about five minutes working with the site. Then deducting the arithmetic mean by simple actions. It is easy to understand that about ten people will view the site at a time. And with such a volume, the web hosting used will cope for sure. But if the site has visited by only a thousand users, but this happens around the same time. Then you cannot do without a Dedicated Server.

That is why, when assessing the total load on the host, it is necessary first of all to take into account not the total number of visitors per day. But directly the peak values ​​of the number of users who are on the site at the same time during the most “popular” hours. So, as soon as the recorded peak indicators begin to strive for critical values. The site owner will have to switch from a web hosting to a virtual server. From a VPS to a dedicated server as soon as possible, if he values ​​the reputation of his Internet project.

Reason # 2 for moving to a separate dedicated server

A situation when the site owner needs to get hosting that will be configured for some of his specific needs.

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In fact, often for newly developed custom-made special unique scripts or when planning the installation of new security systems. Special settings of system programs are required, which the provider is not able to provide on shared hosting. This situation also implies a mandatory transition to a dedicated physical powerful server. Which qualified specialists can easily configure directly to the needs of the customer.

Reason # 3 for moving from a VPS to a dedicated server

It so happens that having started quite successfully. The site owner decides to further expand his presence on the World Wide Web. Of course, for these purposes, he will need a certain single host. A platform, which should have virtually unlimited capabilities in terms of the number of secondary-servers of domains, e-mail users, various domain zones, databases and websites hosted on it. As well as with the right to order when the need for additional IP addresses. Only in the presence of a high-quality dedicated server can all these requirements be brought together.

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We introduced readers to three main reasons when Internet project owners should consider when moving from a virtual server (VPS) to a dedicated one. Although, there are many more reasons for this, and each site owner has his own interests. But most importantly, in any case, this kind of transition can be considered the beginning of a fundamentally new and much more serious level on the Internet. Therefore absolutely every successfully developing project comes to this sooner or later.


Lastly I would like to say one thing if your site is currently startup in the first place then you can use shared hosting.  After that if you have more visitors you can use VPS hosting and lastly, if your site starts getting huge visitors to maintenance you must use dedicated web hosting server. Otherwise, you will lose the visitors of your site or it will not be possible to manage the visitors of the site. With you should monitor how much bandwidth should your site taken. If you have any else query kindly let us know!

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