14 Beginner’s Questions To Ask WordPress Hosting Provider When Choosing

 14 Beginner Questions To Ask WordPress Hosting Provider When Choosing
Tips to Choose A hosting for WordPress

If you are new to the world of website, web development, or web publishing, then you must hear of something about web hosting. Web hosting is an internet facility that helps to post your website or web application on the internet. When you sign up for a web hosting company, you are merely renting some room on a physical server where you can hold all the files and data required to make your website function properly. There are various types of hosting that most of the web host offers you. Most popular options are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

WordPress is the most popular hosting among all of them. So if you are reading this article, probably because you have heard a lot about WordPress hosting. After all, you are looking to start your first website. If that is the case, then I highly recommend sticking around to the end of the article.


So the first and foremost thing is we have to know what WordPress is and then how does it work.


What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a different type of shared hosting, developed for owners of WordPress sites. It’s an open-source website meaning that there are thousands of software engineers out there that are working on it every day to make it better and better. It is a fantastic content management system.

Your website is explicitly designed for WordPress, and your platform comes with pre-installed plugins for essential tasks like caching and protection. Since the software is highly developed, the platform loads even quicker and operates with fewer issues. WordPress hosting contracts also contain extra WordPress-related functionality, such as pre-designed WordPress templates, drag-and-drop page builders, and unique development resources. WordPress hosting has two types.

They are:

  • com: WordPress.com is where you can go to make a free website with their web hosting, but there are some difficulties like your website could be deleted at any time if WordPress feels that you have violated their terms of service for any reasons. You can’t use ads to make money and can’t upload any plugins which help you to optimize the functionality of your website. Also, you can’t upload any customizable theme, and you do not own your domain name.
  • org: it referred to as self-hosted WordPress. It is free, open-source, and easy to use. All you need your domain name and web hosting. You can customize the website design as desired. You will potentially earn money off your WordPress website by displaying your advertising without anyone sharing income.

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How does WordPress Work?

Back when the internet was still somewhat a new thing, the only way to make a website was to use code in HTML or PHP format. Your website would interpret this code into colors and text and spaces that would form your website well WordPress works exactly like this except no coding. Basically, it takes any change that you make on your website and updates the code for you and then updates your website.


Now the important that beginners often get confused about when to choose WordPress hosting. Beginner questions most that why should I use WordPress hosting? Another critical issue that a beginner asks is when the right time to select WordPress hosting?

Well, then you are in the right place if you ask these questions. In this article, we are going to discuss these topics.


Why should I use WordPress hosting?

There are so many reasons behind using WordPress hosting. But the essential explanations are:

  1. WordPress is free.
  2. It is easy to customize with Theme and Plugins.
  3. It is SEO friendly and easy to manage.
  4. WordPress is safe and secure.
  5. WordPress can handle different media types.


When is the right time to choose WordPress hosting for beginners?

Though WordPress is free software, there come certain times when it gets messier for a newcomer. That is why you need some basic knowledge to overcome an unwanted situation.

If you are a beginner with zero knowledge of coding, then jumping into WordPress hosting is not a good idea at all. But when you are interested in coding and want to make your website on your own, then you need to know the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. You need to know how to write and edit codes and how to customize CSS manually, how you can remove some footers, some nav bars, or maybe how you can design some of the plugins as well. So for the beginners, it can get a little messy. Before working on your website, you should know about coding and how it works.


But if you are want to build your website and also have the basic knowledge of coding, then you are welcome to WordPress. Before choosing a WordPress hosting provider, you need to ask some questions.

  1. Does the company offer a WordPress-specific hosting plan?

It is one of the simple questions that should be answered before continuing with any other inquiries as WordPress experience is expected when hosting a WordPress blog.

  1. Does your website hosting provider meet the hosting requirements?

Providers need to be able to run your website to fulfill the hosting requirements of several conventional providers. Still, you can also make sure before making any decisions and spending money.

  1. What is the PHP version used by the providers?

PHP is the language used on the server-side for software creation that is used to manage a web server. Ideally, the hosting web service will use PHP 7 because it provides better performance over PHP 5.6 and also guarantees that the hosting plan is consistent with future WordPress versions.


  1. What kind of uptime score and server reliability does the provider offer?

Operating on a secure network and a reliable server is essential for a web host too. Having a 24*7 operating web host is a must.

The minimum value for uptime is 99.5 percent, and uptime is inappropriate below 99 percent.


  1. Do they offer SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer to maintain an internet link protected and safeguard against compromising any confidential data.


  1. What is your budget to avail of services from providers?

You will need to decide how much money you can spend on a hosting provider every month or year. You need to determine your company requirements so that you can agree on a budget number.


  1. Do they provide multiple Add-on Domains?

Many website owners have more than one domain, and if you choose a hosting service that requires multiple domains, you will be locking a number.

Therefore, to make a final decision, you need to learn about the domain power. And make sure that you have asked in advance about the capabilities.


  1. How much support is needed for the website to decide providers?

Based on your technological preferences, you’ll want to learn how straightforward it is to set up your hosting company and maintain your account because individual companies give you step-by-step assistance you need. Others will set up your hosting provider for you.

  1. What can you do when there is a natural hindrance?

When they are a reliable hosting service, they should take responsibility for delays and outages, even though conditions are beyond their influence.

To protect your business, you also need to know what happens if uncontrollable events such as weather disruptions, power outbursts, or more hits occur at any point in time.


  1. What is security policy, and what does it include?

When you are trying to finalize a web hosting service, it is helpful to learn which security protocols are in place.

Is your data secure with them, because you will still like to partner with a provider who will co-operate with your security efforts?

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Such questions will help you decide the right choice for you by questioning yourself and your hosting company. If you are looking for a secure WordPress hosting service that will help optimize the performance of your website, then Host and Protect is an excellent option for improving your business.


Thank You for reading this article to the end. If you need more about this article or need to know something else, just comment below right now.

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