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Welcome to is all about technology based blogging website. This blog created by the founder of Readoy Kumar Das in 23th, 2013. We always try to help for wapmaster or blogger so that they can easily make blog and blogging in their blogs. Some people want to learn blogging and build their career in blogging. We always try to best share about blogging, freelancing, Tips and Tricks, Make Money Online, AdSense, Tutorials, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), WordPress, Blogspot, affiliate marketing and much more.

Guest Post Guideline

Guest Post means a person is post articles  which to another sites. And get benefits from it. Now some of our site conditions below. Please Check out our conditions before Guest Posting.

1.    Your article should be at least 500 word. (Be better if give 500 more word)
2.    Your article have grammatical error, spelling mistake, plagiarism free articles.
3.    You should include your info bio data means blogger information and your site.
4.    We're not allowing affiliate marking link, Any production link, spam link or porn related link.
5.    You should must add an unique picture and video. (If where needed in article)
6.    Your article should be optimize in search engine for getting traffic as well as readers.
7.    You must include in your article Highlight tags as H3 or H4.
8.    And You will get 1 backlinks from your article. (do follow or nofollow as your wish)
9.    You get some visitors from our blog which you given that Guest Posted.

What Related Topic we're Accept

·    How To
·    AdSense
·    Blogging
·    Affiliate Marketing
·    Tips and Tricks
·    Make Money Online
·    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
·    Widgets or Plugins (Blogspot or WordPress)
·    SMM (Social Media Marketing)
·    E-mail marketing
·    Blogspot
·    Link Building
·    PHP
·    Web design
·    Traffic
·    Web Developments
·    About Blogspot or WordPress
·    Web Research
·    Info graphics
·    Templates or Themes

How to Submit your Article

If you interested in our blog, for publish an Guest Post. Then knock us contact form or simply send your content via E-mail us at Thanks for reading our Guest Post conditions. Try to stay of this blog always Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest. All right reserved by Desk2blog.Com