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Friday, November 18, 2016

How to Earn Money from Passive Income

Nowadays who have recently joined in the online world, they firstly are going to earning from Passive Income. Actually, passive income is an interesting earn money online. There are many ways to earn from Passive Income. It’s the best free way to earn money online.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is the income that has work in certain time wherever on your blog or website (Even Somewhere), you will be getting money from it All Time–that’s passive income. An example:  you have created a blog that is a motorcycle related blog, and you have published your post about motorcycle product post, if Google ranked your site, it’s enough! Actually now you no more hard work on your website. You will be getting money from your blog or websites that are Passive Income.

Where can you earn from Passive Income?

There are lots of ways of Passive Income. But the most popular income ways are Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense, YouTube Marketing, etc. are the best Passive Income. Now I will share in this post, how to earn passive income? The first time it is very hard to gain the first sell, it's so tuff. Then from you can get this money easily.

01.Amazon Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a help to sell others company’s then you will get certain amount money by selling those products, if you cannot sell any product, you will not get money for you. That is affiliate marketing. Amazon Affiliate Marketing is the easy way passive income way. The requirement for you needs to a product related review blog. Then you can be earning from your blog or website.

02.Google AdSense Advertising:

Google AdSense is the best contextual advertising program that will pay the 68% when clicking on your ads. Basically financial, bank, car insurance, Insurance, and product-related website get highest CPC from Google because they pay for their advertisement a huge amount.
Here are three kinds of AdSense programs. There is Non-Hosted AdSense account (Full approved Account, Hosted Account and YouTube account.

Non-Hosted Account (Fully Approved Account):

When you have applied AdSense account for your own website this has domains or hosting without BlogSpot (Subdomain site) that’s called fully approved AdSense account or non-hosted AdSense account. You can use ads from your AdSense account in blogger site as unlimited or domain and host site.

Hosted Account:

Hosted account is when you’re going to apply AdSense account from blogger for subdomain site (Free Blogger Site), it’s called hosted account. The hosted account isn’t over added to 500 site blogger sites.

YouTube AdSense account:

When you have some broadcasting video to marketing on YouTube, you can earn money from YouTube. Unfortunately, some of the countries have not allowed to monetization video. If your top level country, then you can. Basically better if you have some subscriber on your YouTube it’s become to get AdSense easy. That is not an important matter, if not you will get AdSense without any videos and subscribers. YouTube account could show ads on the website, it's only for YouTube videos.