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Friday, October 28, 2016

6 Reasons you don’t Apply on your AdSense

Some of GURU doesn’t tell about AdSense disadvantages (Secret matter) that can make your AdSense banned. I will tell most important 6 things. If you remember those, you will gain AdSense account forever. AdSense maintains is not easy, but I it hard work to access your destination. Some of reasons we can’t make a good amount of money. For this matter, I’ll try to remove from you those things or reasons in this post.

Google is a hybrid of Google’s webmaster advertising program that is AdWords. In a nutshell, webmasters are paying to Google to drive traffic on their site as a promotion.

01. Don’t click on your own AdSense ads:

Never click on your AdSense ads on your website, it is came call to danger by own self. But it is the major problem of bloggers and webmasters, because they want to rich over night. Don’t be over smart on online world. It will destroy your online career or world. 
My experience from when I have got AdSense from Google, it has been continuing actively well. But in 2016 I sold my AdSense account to a person. It was matter of sorrow that this AdSense account was banned. After some weeks I applied with a new AdSense account illegally. My AdSense account had banned. So don’t want rich from blogging with over night. Here I share why my AdSense revenue is low tips below: 
·       Don’t select your keywords randomly of your website. It the major low earning point that reduce your site popularity. Example; technology, news, health etc keywords. Select a niche that you have huge idea or information. Don’t copy paste in your blog. Doing Guest post about your site related article in others blog.  Create strong backlink, example; reedit, MOZ, Google Backlink edu etc high quality backlink.

02. Don’t create multiple accounts:

Actually Google really understood who has multiple accounts, so always following your IP (Internet Protocol) address. So if you want more by a little working with two ways no fool like you in online blogging. If Google confirm you that you have multiple accounts, then Google disable your AdSense immediately. Honestly Work hardly become rich if your want popularity. Basically we go in blogging world for two reasons.  We become rich by online earning money. We need to popularity by blog for own. 
In 2014, I have some emails address, in those of two has already two AdSense accounts, but I don’t know how to created this account, then I immediately closed this account. If I didn’t do that I’m sure that I already I had caught by Google. That is my good luck. At the ends of this account this account had sold. 

03. Don’t cheat with Google for AdSense:

When I had got AdSense from Google, which was a cheating because I want more money like as grapes all lose all. Applied a AdSense account which I can’t generate that site I mean that not my site which name is marketever.com, after got my AdSense account, some days later, I got an email from Google AdSense, your account under reviewing and the last moment, my account has been disable.
·       Don’t apply AdSense which you can’t generate those site. 
·       If you want to cheat with them, then they put AdSense code in that site, that you can’t after all you lose your AdSense account. Only applied which your site I mean that will be generating by you and only for you. 
Think that, when you want to going to blogging world I mean newbie. You will must hard work by your blogging unless you can’t do anything like earning and populating. Firstly you have to hard work to rank your site. If you ranked your site, then no more hard work on your site. It will be viral in blogging world. That is the secret point that I have shared you.

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04. Don’t login others AdSense accounts on your browser:

if you have already AdSense account, then don’t try login your AdSense account, although sometime we need to login urgently but try to at least don’t login others account, if Google understand you that you have a multiple account Google banned your AdSense account. It’s like innocent man, but Google understood that you have multiple accounts but actually you haven’t it. So be carefully about adsensing career.  Example: you login your main AdSense account then someone want to tell for you for help to monetize his ads. Think that; from your computer Google get only one IP, so if Google understood that one if from login two or more AdSense account, Google will ban your account.
If it must do that, follow the structures.
·       At least you have one more browsers.
·       If you login your AdSense account, like as Chrome and don’t login other account.
·       Other’s account login others browsers like Mozilla Firefox.
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05. Don’t Avoid Invalid click and activities On AdSense:

Sometimes happened it increase rating your income and double clicking your ads, then you should stop your ads for some days for savings your account. Sometimes some of visitor wants banned our accounts, for that time you must have control AdSense account. Many of us were banned for invalid click and impression. One of the main causes Disable AdSense account for illegal clicking.
      Some of the illegal searcher and bad workers are wanted to ban some one’s account.  Basically it does create fault blogger, webmaster who has no AdSense account.  Without no reasons your account has been banned.

06. Don’t say click your ads by others:

Never try to click on your ads. Its call to danger or damage yourself by you. So don’t try to do it forever. For this cause for your account will banned, then don’t thinking my say. Actually Google algorithm updating day by day, so this reason many site be coughing from the engines. Why Google understand? Here are some following answers.   Google has updated Panda and Penguin robots.    Google is updating their algorithm regularly.  Google Analysis your website day by day. 
So those reasons we can’t cheat with Google. Google automatically understood that the clickers are fare not organic visitors. That why Google banned your account. Not only site natural site building but also Off Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can promote your product in search engines.