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Friday, October 28, 2016

10 On Page SEO Tips to Boost Your Blog for Search Engines Optimization

SEO is not only small or short time project for working. But its long term working method and keeps practice for your site or blog to your keywords products promotion. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is the best practice or process to boost a blog. There are two kinds of SEO are.

1.     On Page SEO

2.     Off Page SEO

We have published an article you can see before reading this article about Off Page SEO name Top 10 off page SEO techniques to boost your Blog.

To optimize your full site for search engines, you will need to follow those basic concepts or tips of SEO.  Off Page SEO called outside working for a site in other sites. And On Page SEO is called inside working on your site. Not only on Page but also off page both of them can promote your blog site. It is a long time working project for working. So lets go to learn about On Page SEO.

Only my experience, I have seen that not only the On Page SEO but also Off Page SEO can give hugely traffics to your blog from search engines. So, my dear readers, I love my visitors for that, I'm sharing the 10 best On Page SEO step by step.

01. Content writing:

What is content? Content is, you have created there is many articles, video tutorial, or free service etc. you have posted on your blog that is content. Content means which you giving service from your blog that called content. Content is heart and soul for a site. Content writing is the best way to rank your site in search engine optimization, even many bloggers who are weak in English writing, they buy content for their site from others. Basically Bengali is buying much more articles because they are weak in English. I do not mention to all but someone. 

You content must be a fresh and long tail, it is reliable for Google because from a post you'll get all problems solve, and readers are love too. So according to Google priority with the first page have unique content and long tail keywords for increase ranking. Google algorithms are always updating their systems. So see that today is one condition content writing, and one month later, the conditions have changed by Google and created a new one. 

So after created you blog attentively be care with your content writing unless you can't earn money from your blog or site. Ultimately doesn't Stand One in Good Stead to your blog. Its like a lazy worker or farmer. Here are some below more effective tips for content planning.

01. Write Content for a blog:

·        "Write high quality and unique content."
·        Write the article for the home page that is highest long tail (2000+ words) and includes your niche keywords.
·        Guest Article write is more effective to make you blog more popularity and will be giving visitors from guest post link.

·        Link building is the more effective for page view for a visitor because a visitor visits a post if there a link he or she wants to click this link so that your page view will be increasing.

02. Keywords Research:

Without keywords research, you can't rank any search engine. So you must after created your blog, you should choice a keyword for a rank popular search engine. Most of the search engine give high PR for researched blog only. So you must take keywords and share on this best experience to others. There are I shared below most popular search engine, the world people who would search this search engines.

Ø Google.com (65.1%)
Ø Yahoo.com (16.1%)
Ø Microsoft.com (14.4%)
Ø Ask.com (2.9%)
Ø AOL.com (1.4%)

There are percentages of search engines searching Traffic how many visitors visit a search engine and drive a site. Most of the people are using Google search engine.
If you newbie blogger, you should firstly choice long tail title or keywords for your blog because firstly you can't get a good position in searches engines. Then posting that keyword related post, after you can use small related keywords nevertheless search engines have the first position of your site? You must see that first. Leave that talk, actually, its long time hard working. Actually, keyword research is a soul of a site that means heart. Without keyword research, you can't better earn from your blog or site. 

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03. Template or theme design:

Template design is the most effective for site ranking. Most of the time you must use An SEO optimize template or theme. Google gives better ranking than another blog if your blog is fresh. And the readers are useful to read articles and videos or contents. And if your template is fast loading then you can get more rankings from Google.
Think that, you're a visitor for you need a solution, basically you'll go to search engine, then you got many sites for solving this problem. Now you want to go solution site if there is Disorderly template or themes you don't want to visit these sites for any bits of help?  Never, you want will to go down your site for any designs. I'm sharing top 5 themes or templates selling site list below;

3.     www.woothemes.com
Most of the time's newbies blogger are falling for their web design because they are don't know how to make it. They don't know how to design their web template or themes, as usually as they won't get a good position on Google ranking. So make your web template or theme as simple so that visitors easily visit your blog.

04. Link Building on your blog:

Link building is the more effective for increasing page views and visitors. You should make per post internal linking at least 5 backlinks.  As a result, you will get the valuable visitors per days. Then your site will be popular. Think that, you get 5 visitors they browsing your website, there is many internal linking at least 20 percent those visitors are more 5 percent page view on your site/blog. This cause is only for internal linking. So you should make many internal linking for your blog that can give you more pageviews and earnings. Here I’ll show you the 3 reason that can boost your earnings and pageviews 

·        Write a post that is about 800-1000 words and create at least link on your blog related your post.
·         As usually another’s posts create an internal link the same way for this post. This way you can grow your internal linking.
·        Create related post, recommended the post, read also can give you more pageviews in your blog.

05. Write niches related article:

Nowadays niche sites are early growing from the blogging world. It’s the good habit to learn one thing and the readers will you enjoy articles. But if your niche site get down you have to hard work to grow again. So carefully slowly do it.  
06. Make Sitemap in blog:
Sitemap is very important for on search engines, they quickly indicate your site. And also for create it, you will get high ranking. That is more powerful for search engines. Without crating sitemap you can’t get a good amount of visitors and rankings. You can create site two ways one is HTML widget another is from Google console.

07. Create Meta Tag

Meta tag is also very important for your website keywords to ranking. At first create Meta tag of your website, and then put it on your Meta tag option. Your Meta tag should better if that is 200 from 300 words. If any searcher searches your keywords then they firstly get your site in front of up your result.

08. Create some pages in your blog:

Pages create is more effective of your blog for search engines. You should create 3 to 5 pages on your blog. That affect others blog and search engines. Most popular blogger and blog creating those blog that is About US, Privacy and Policy, Contact US, Guest Post, FAQ (frequently Ask Question). Here are some pointed options that you can read.
·        About Us – about us page is written about your blog or you. There you can write about your blog and also you.
·        Contact us– the people how to contact you. There are giving you some options. Give email, phone number and address.
·        Guest Post – Guest post means someone give you post in your blog and money or link from you.
·        FAQ– Frequently Ask Question. When someone interested a site, learn more about them and have a question then they use FAQ.
·        Privacy and Condition– here you can see write about the terms and condition of your blog or security.

09. Link exchange of your blog:

If you have more blog then you can exchange your link both sites. As a result, the visitors convert in your sites. May you got good visitors of your site is ranked. It’s the good way to balance site’s visitors.

10. Gust Post writing for others blog:

Writing guest post for others blog to get do follow link, do follow s very important ranking to your site. In my experience, it is the more effective and properly works.  Thanks for reading this article. If you have another blog you may posts on others site, then might you get good result in search engines for created linking.