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6 Reasons you don’t Apply on your AdSense

Some of GURU doesn’t tell about AdSense disadvantages (Secret matter) that can make your AdSense banned. I will tell most important 6 things. If you remember those, you will gain AdSense account forever. AdSense maintains is not easy, but I it hard work to access your destination. Some of reasons we can’t make a good amount of money. For this matter, I’ll try to remove from you those things or reasons in this post.

Google is a hybrid of Google’s webmaster advertising program that is AdWords. In a nutshell, webmasters are paying to Google to drive traffic on their site as a promotion. 01. Don’t click on your own AdSense ads: Never click on your AdSense ads on your website, it is came call to danger by own self. But it is the major problem of bloggers and webmasters, because they want to rich over night. Don’t be over smart on online world. It will destroy your online career or world. 
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My experience from when I have got AdSens…

10 On Page SEO Tips to Boost Your Blog for Search Engines Optimization

SEO is not only small or short time project for working. But it’s long term working method and keeps practice for your site or blog to your keywords products promotion. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is the best practice or process to boost a blog. There are two kinds of SEO are. 1.On Page SEO2.Off Page SEOWe have published an article you can see before reading this article about Off Page SEO name Top 10 off page SEO techniques to boost your Blog.

To optimize your full site for search engines, you will need to follow those basic concepts or tips of SEO. Off Page SEO called outside working for a site in other sites. And On Page SEO is called inside working on your site. Not only on Page but also off page both of them can promote your blog site. It is a long time working project for working. So let’s go to learn about On Page SEO.

Only my experience, I have seen that not only the On Page SEO but also Off Page SEO can give hugely traffics to your blog from search engines. So, my d…

5 Essential Steps for Securing Your Digital Writing Portfolio

A digital writing portfolio is one of the most valuable assets you can have as a blogger or freelancer. Your portfolio is important part of your CV as it is the main way you highlight your talents and skills to potential clients. When clients or collaborators see a well-written and organized portfolio, they will be more likely to hire you because they’ll believe you can proficientlyhandle the project. Unfortunately, anything stored online is at a real risk of being copied or outright stolen. While many of us would nottake anything from the local bookstore, unauthorized copying of content offtheinternet is rarelythought of as a crime. This could result in significant loss ofyour reputation or potential revenuefrom the items in your portfolio. However, employing the following tips will keep your digital portfolio safe from harm.

Have a DMCA Notice
Flashing a DMCA Protected Badge on the homepage of your blog or website asserts that noone should reproduce or copy your writings without your c…