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Thursday, April 7, 2016

What kinds of top level domains and their information

Most of the bloggers and the webmasters are using the top level domain. Out technology, world is going to make the world easiest in your hand. So that none are stopping with this digital technology generation. I have a domain which buys in June in 2013. But When I was trying to buy a domain, then I got a domain seller. He called me, “I have an offer for domain registration you can our company I mean our website” then I had pain him for two-year domain renewal services. But he didn’t give me for two-year domain renewal services. Actually, he gave me 1-year service. He didn’t want to give me fully 2 years services (So be carefully about domain buying basically for Bangladesh). So if you want to must buy a domain, you should at first know about them and their company and website. And they must become trusted persons. Then you can buy domain easily by them.

There are many kinds of the top level domain and I have posted How Important of Top Level domains. This post from you can learn about top level domains. Domains are more valuable for the internet world for a site or blog permanently. I think, a domain means a child which you should grow up according to a domain you should it growing up on search engines. Reach to the people, Site popularity etc. you must do these. Everyone can do that Example: think that, you are now just married and you have a child, so according to with you grow up the children for his living, familiar and popularity to the others.

Here are I’m sharing what are the benefits of top-level domains:

·         A top level can do everything that can bring success in Google AdSense! Your site age should be at least six months and it also is niche website or blog site. Google gives priorities for niche sites best. Make A site which you try to make the paragraphs small as possible, people like small paragraphs easy to understood for the human just like you. If you have a site for the help of the readers or viewers, you should write for human, don not write for search engines of Spider or Crawler. I think, as soon as possible you will get Google AdSense.

·         Alexa ranking is the leading comparative site that can provide every site health, site ranking in global. It provides your blog site traffic, visitors and also checking country ranking. Before I have posted a post which improves you site Alexa ranking named improvement. That post will help you to learn about Alexa ranking for a site.

·         Popularity is the one of the most matter in blogging for the internet. Many of us are now populated in blogging such as ProBlogger, shoutmeloud marketever etc. they are always keeping on the computer so that they are the biggest bloggers in the world. I have a dream and hope that I will be the best blogger in the world and also popular in the world. So top level can do it for your passion. You should buy hosting (one GB enough) and a domain for starting your online business. Top level also helps on your improvement to Google like Search Engine Optimization.

Now it is time to knowing the domain name which helps you many ways or basic information you should know. Let's begin a birds eye view, we have explained below these domains

  • .Com (Company)
  •   .Org (Organization)
  •   .Info (Information)
  •   .Net (Internet)


.Com (Company)

Dot com domain is the biggest marketplace in the world. It most uses in varies places. And it domains will be increasing day by day. Dot Com means any local company, private limited, is that company and the shortcut name of company is com. Basically, most of the companies are using this domain and used many others for different causes because the cost of .com domain is very per yearly. So that they can easily buy this domain. Most of the bloggers and webmasters are using the dot Com domain. I'm sure that this domain will become a huge internet cover the world. At last, a domain name who has it, he is proud of his domain name if the first name so it best important.

.Org (Organization)

Org means an organization, basically, Org is helped the poor people who are fallen in danger. The different organization has various dreams, according to with .org websites are give help in this online in varies way. For example a team is working for the government, so they need to a platform, so according to, planning a website which from getting helps peoples. Firstly they must choice the domain is .Org (Organization). It is the best way to social work or helps the people for the team. Most of the organization is control government. So according to with the government, mentent their website contents.

.Info (Information)

Info means information. .info domain there is much information about the information. A website build their website, for one topic, (not just more than) can promote their blog or website in the search engines because searches engine loves niche site best and Article Writing Topic For example you have created a blog, there is many related posts about technology, education, finance, etc random sites.

.net (Internet)

.net means the internet, here the domain where blogger is writing about the internet world. And some write, about technologies blogging, a corporation of internet jest like those are going to blogger or webmaster with this domain. Like that website have most of the time we seen there is internet related post.
and also have some country level domain. which are use most owners of the country people. This is the country level domain, example, you are live in united kingdom so that account with you should take this if you need,CO.UK. and some more country level domain name list.

  •  For Bangladesh .Com.bd,
  •   For India .In,
  •   For United kingdom .Co.UK,
  • For Pakistan .Pk,
  • For Australia .Au etc.

.Biz (Business)

.biz included in TLDs (top level domain). .Biz means say Business. A business person is buying this domain for their business purposes, 8 billion are using .Biz domain in the world. If you want to get .Biz domain if you were a businessman, you should buy this domain for your business Addressed.

.Govt (Government)

Govt means government. Somewhere only government control their websites. None can customize or control it. Somewhere public edit, work on it profiles. That would be their conditions. Most of the country govt take this domain and working on their sites. And they have hard protection for their sites because the hacker club sometimes try to hack the government data.

.Edu (Education)

Edu means education. Primary school, college, and university authorized people set up the .Edu domain. Somewhere we can see that some take the Edu domain and also working. it is not the impossible thing, it possible.
After all, here I given an example about the domain, after see my you'll know how kinds of the domain have? So I have given the information below, 

Here I have written our website link, the color of red is the subdomain, and yellow is the third party domain and the last of the color of green is Top-level domains (TLDs).