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Monday, April 4, 2016

All you need to know about LSI keywords

LSI is the abbreviation of Latent Semantic Indexing. It is the keywords that are semantically or meaningfully related to the primary keywords. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the synonym of the main keyword. LSI keywords are very crucial now as it is the division of Google algorithm. 

Here are some basics of LSI Keywords that you need to know:

ü What are the LSI Keywords

It is the SEO expression for related words. Prior to that, it was only keyword density that determined the relevancy of any write-up. It meant that if the article is about “XYZ”, you need to use the keyword 2% in the body. The compeer might need to use the Keyword more than yours to go a step further of you in the Google Search Engine. But, it is not fair. 

Instead of accepting high density of keywords, the search engine looks for related keywords all through articles. It is called LSI. It never hits the keyword density, but over-optimized articles may cause an issue. Google loves these words instead of Keyword stuffing in the article body. 

ü How to Find the LSI Keywords  

The easiest way to find the LSI keywords is Google search. Type targeted word in the search engine; it will give you a quick list of LSI words. You can use the words that are related to the primary key words. The application will not be irrelevant. If you find a very short list in the search, you can try again with other keywords.  You will have related keywords, it is sure. The search engine bots also like these keywords. Google always looks for pertinent content for the different search query.
ü How LSI keywords related to SEO

The use of LSI words is very likeable words to various search engines, such as Google. They always look for relevant content for a particular query that is sought out. Using them will skyrocket the page rank. 

Let’s say about the content of “technique Tic TAC Toe game.” The following words can be set up in the content. You can treat them as LSI keywords that can be used instead of the main keywords

·        System of  Tic Tat Toe game
·        How to win Tic Tat Toe game
·        How to perform Tic Tat Toe game
·        Playing of  Tic Tat Toe game technically
·        The success of Tic Tat Toe game

ü Some of the LSI keyword tools

Easy WPSEO and SEO processor  are the two SEO Plugins for the LSI keyword. You may use one of them, can be used both if necessary. They offer attractive LSI keywords from various searches Application Programming Interface (API). In addition, SEO Pressor puts forward many other features 

                                                               ·          On Page SEO
                                                               ·          Multiple Keyword Analysis, 
                                                               ·          Over Optimization Check, 
                                                               ·          Creating Social SEO, 
                                                               ·          Mechanical smart linking,
                                                               ·          LSI Recommendations, etc., 

The display of the LSI keywords density is the specialty of the plugins. It also offers some LSI suggestions that you can include in your write up.

ü Where to incorporate the LSI keywords?

LSI as well as other Keywords goes after a few fundamental rules. These keywords can be included in the article wherever necessary. They can be used in 

  • Title Tag
  • Header Tags
  • Permalinks
  • Anchor Texts
  • Opening Paragraph
  • Finale Paragraph

As primary keyword, the LSI keywords can also make the post spam. So, be sure that only the relevant LSI keywords have been used.

Bottom Line
All have been said, what is needed to be said. How to find out LSI and also apply LSI etc. However, the most important thing is not to overdo anything. Write normally, and you will reach your target. All the points will hold good if the writing is unique with quality content.