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Monday, August 24, 2015

Top 5 Calendar Apps Of 2015 To Spruce Up Your Time And Event Management Skills

One of the many goodies that Android phones have to offer is the digital calendars; a nice and convenient way of scheduling, planning and inviting your loved ones to events. From official meetings to family functions or friends’ barbecue parties, a digital calendar keeps you updated and ready for all events. The best thing about them is that they accompany you anywhere you go. Like all Android apps, you will find plenty of calendar apps in the Google Play Store, but choosing the best one out of so many alternatives is never easy. No need to worry though, because we are here with these Top 5 Calendar Apps Of 2015 To Spruce Up Your Time And Event Management Skills.
1          Google Calendar
Google Calendar
Google Calendar, without any doubt, can be regarded as one of the best calendar apps for Android available on Google Apps Store right now, especially because of its seamless integration with Android. Whether it’s about creating events or inviting family and friends to events, Google Calendar assists you in staying on top of all the dates and events important for you, by reminding you with convenient notifications. Moreover, it integrates well with other services like Exchange, enabling you to import everything in one place.
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2        Microsoft Outlook 

Microsoft Outlook
Outlook is yet another app that packs a host of useful features into it. It offers you everything from email, contacts, convenient access to native and cloud files in addition to being a handy digital calendar. On top of catering all your day-to-day email and file transferring requirements, it is one of the best in helping you manage your calendar activities. It gives you the leverage of scheduling events and sharing them right away with friends and coworkers, because it is built into your email.
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3          aCalendar

If you are looking for some intuitive calendar app, aCalendar is exactly what you should look into, offering really helpful features including super smooth transitions and navigation for different calendar views. It automatically pulls info from your contacts to create a birthday log for you. It also features some lovely built-in widgets, which empower you to share desired events through NFC and QR codes. Though you can get it for free on Google Apps Store in its ad-free version, but to enjoy the full ride, you better make an in-app purchase.
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4          New Calendar

New Calendar
New Calendar is also an illustrious example of modern-day digital calendars, enabling you to create and share events. However, this is not what makes New Calendar standout; it is its integration with Google Calendar and a host of interesting widgets at offer. You can even get clean and crisp card-like calendar widgets on your screen, beefed up with voice reminders, which notify you about scheduled events with a voice.
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5          Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar
If you want a digital calendar that connects all your favorite services like Google Calendar, iCloud and Exchange together in one place, Sunrise Calendar is one intuitive app for your smartphones. It offers you seamless integration with Facebook, Foursquare, Todoist and Evernote, ensuring that your digital calendar remains updated. In fact, it is designed to serve as one-stop-shop for all your scheduling needs, making sure that you don’t miss on any event even in some other app.
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With Google Play Store teeming with varying calendar apps, capable of catering your various scheduling requirements, organizing your life becomes quite convenient with Android smartphones. You can try any of these best calendar apps and find which one suits you the best.