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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How to bring your blog in first page on search engines

Every bloggers have dreams to their blog how to bring at first page of search results. But it is so not easy work although according to rules. If you want to your blog bring in first page of search result, you must can do hard work with according to rules. Today I shall discuss according to the updated Panda and Penguin how to bring first page of your blog?
So we let’s go to the main discussions.

High Quality Unique Content:

I want to say One Talk Content is King of Every Blog. Once upon a time, only backlinks create from got higher ranks. Although it was became copy paste contents. But now it is possible? No never!

Because Google Panda and Penguin updated as a result, which site from become 20,000-30,000 per monthly. Now that site have no income money, so can you understand how important of blog's Contents? So, at present if you get rank, you shall understand that how essential of high quality unique contents value. From my feedback, 100% unique post will become 500-700 words at least enough.

Many blogger had been doing caught with over optimization to their site or Blog. They think, do use over keywords density or others techniques bring in first rank of blog, it is wrongs, No has benefited of your site, and may rather loss your site. I want to say you, which you do, be natural. So forget you’re before days, go ahead new days. Do Blogging honesty.

Guest Blogging:

Many blogger don't guest blog with other sites or blogs, But currently it is very important for blogging world. But some of no benefit of all blogs do guest posting! You must want some authority Guest Blogging Sites. This authority sites bring your blog first page at search engine results. One is authority guest blogging site from you get good quality authority backlinks which is must necessary to you will be blogging community increase blog or your popularity.

And can you understand how important of Guest Blogging?

So who are still don't guest blogging, let go to start Guest Blogging.

Focuses on long tail keywords:

Think that, you had been written a post and give a title the name of "Importance of Blogging" and your target is this keywords bid with competitors.
It is not an easy work, it's very hard work. Again if you had written that article and give long tail keywords like "Importance of Blogging in 2015" It's possible for you can get bid with competitors or more useful to get bid easily of your blog "Importance of Technology Based Blogging in 2015" . So understanding that, how importance of long tail keywords?


Before we are only backlinks creating as much more rank for site, we had gone avouch to Gradation of spam for our sites. But now which you have been doing be naturally. Otherwise you site has fallen rank as like poor quality sites. Don't spam with backlinks. For creating backlinks which you do, I'm suggest to you, like Social Bookmarking, Guest Posting, Relevant blog comments, Forum posting, RSS Submission, Link While, Directory Submission, etc but don't make according to rule unrelated blog to spam more backlinks. Many of are creating backlinks by software please avoid it or many sites have also given free backlinks it also avoid it.

Many of gives paid backlinks, do you know paid backlinks? If you are unknowing about this paid backlinks, so take own responsibility from know it. From my own experience I'm saying to, if you are lubber, so many have been creating backlinks which become natural of our country's freelancers. Low cost of money they're creating backlinks. It from you and they will get good benefit. Or it's only my personally works from to say how important of it you don't know! Try to it; I don't know who doesn't do it?

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When your Blog recently has done published new post now then try to make at least 4-5 high quality authority backlinks at any cost on permalink. It is Maybe Guest Posting, Commenting, Directory Submission or any other ways. If you can done it like this backlinks I will Guarantee that your post will be staying ultra-fast toward in first page at search engine.

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