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Friday, July 10, 2015

Guest Post Writing Tips and you will be benefiting from Guest Posting

Guest Post means guest Blogging with others websites or blogsites.  Every Bloggers wants to promote to their blog. It is something difficult for new bloggers. But if you can do it, you will get many benefits from it. So, start your blogging world with guest post.

There are some rules of guest blogging. You should obey must to the rules. Many high PR authority sites they are very carefully to approved an article with guest post. They wants you will send an article have no grammatical mistake, poor quality article, small article. Whey always wants to good article to their blog. It will become must high quality long tail article. I'll share some of Guest Blogging Tips so that you can easily post article with other blogsite or website.  You can also Post your Guest Post article of our blog with obey rules.

Post Article with High PR Sites:

High quality authority blog are very important for new blog sites. Firstly, you must want to post high quality sites. Because high quality sites from you can get many benefits doing guest posting. Some discuss of High quality sites.
  • Those site from get many visitors as traffic. It is very important of search engine to increasing your site ranking.
  • You can get of your blog a backlink from that sites which you had been done guest post. It will show at Alexa ranking.
  •  Before you got the PR ex: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are the old systems of Google conditions. At present have no PR with Google.
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Post your article to which sites have domain:

Secondly, which sites have Domain that site are be better doing and getting by the guest posting. You always want to do which from many get opportunity of your websites or blogsites. So, try to guest posting which site have a domain. Domain site is name of identity of every site. Most of Bloggers have passing more time on blogging. Some of are the twitch tips
  •  Domain name is a blogsite or website permanently name of their blogs. So try to give a post with domain authority sites. It for very essential for blogging world.

Write long tail article which wants to everyone: 

Everyone wants to get how to get long tail keywords. Every blogger should write long tail keywords about their blog post. Google likes long tail keywords. If you write long tail keyword, it will stay in first page at search engines. If you will become famous or popular in blogging world, you will hard work in Blogging. Two tips of long tail article.
  • Write Long tail article which show the search result at search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing etc are the most popular search engines of the world.
  •  You should try to guest post which site Alexa rank less than one lakes (100,000). It is very important for blogging and helps many ways. Many bloggers wants to guest post, and now they are blogging still that mean less than 100,000 of Alexa ranking sites. 
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  •  If you write for posting a post of your blog 300-400 characters of contents, then it is no care of Google but if you write a post which is 700-800 characters, it will show at the first page of search ranking.

Try to guest post with popular site:

  • You always try to contact with good relation of administrator of their popular blogs. So they can easily approve your article as soon as possible.
  •  When you make good relation of blog’s administrators. Now they are want to approve your post for relations.  So try to good relation of blog’s administrators.
  •  When you send and approved your article of other sites. Then from you getting a better traffic for these posts.  It will give per days some visitors which your very need.


After all, your post has many mistakes, grammatically error, poor quality article, low cost of characters words, unrelated post, spelling mistakes, sentence are many errors etc are the main problem of a post. No blogger want to approve like that posts of their blogs. Try to learn and share own knowledge for blogging. You will successful of Blogging.