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Sunday, July 5, 2015

10 top latest off page SEO Tips and techniques to boost your blog visitors

 The Very important is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for increasing your blog visitors. It's very important of blogging. The kinds of SEO is the parts of two one On Page SEO (work for site of inside) another Off Page (work for site of outside). Not only on page but also off page both are very important for bloggers. You can't get good result if you are done the work only one way. If you get good result of your site, you will do all of SEO like on page and off page. 

Many bloggers have given up blogging for they don't know how to do SEO on page or, off page. I have discussed to all about top 10 off page SEO for building your blog career as promote.
10 latest Off Page SEO Techniques;

Create Strong Community on Social Networking Sites:

Social sites are one of the most important parts and major strong media of today’s off page SEO. As Google and other popular search engines as social sharing as ranking signal. So you must aware to get more shares of your blog contents. You just join social community sites likes Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn etc. and others create on accounts with gives complete of your details on those social networking sites and try to always active must them. Best time connected your niches blogs. Help people ask them for helps. Good relations with them then ask to join and share your blog contents.

02. Find similar niche blogs for link building opportunities

Similar Link building is one of the most effective and powerful ways to get higher rank in Google which your targeted keywords. It is really not easily work for searching similar link building opportunities when you can't do Off Page SEO or you're not an SEO expert. Find out your similar blogs and create backlinks from guest posting, blogs commenting, link exchange with them. Here are some similar based blogs to find out and create link building opportunities.

  • Using Google: who don't know about the power of Google. Just go to the Google search engine and find similar niche blogs to backlinks opportunities. You should know Google AdSense Wrong Concept
  • Alltop: All top is the popular blog directory there you can find some several niche similar blog to your niche blog.
  • Similar site search: Similar site search is the effective and popular search engine for find similar niches blogs. And you can easily find your niche blog from the search engine.
  • Using Blog catalog: Blog catalog is the web blogs catalog where you can find niches blogs to boost your backlinks. Just go to on this and find niches blogs from catalog section.
  • Blog commenting blog commenting is the oldest system but it is popular and very effective way to get backlinks. You can also get high quality backlinks from doing comment with your niche blogs but don't spam with them. You can also go the Google search engine and may follow those pattern from find your niche blog and do commenting.
  •  “Post a Comment”
  • Keyword “add comment”
  • Keyword “leave a comment”
  • Keyword “submit comment”
  •  Keyword “comment here” (e.g. SEO tips and trick “comment here”)
  • Keyword “Powered by BlogSpot”
  • Keyword “Powered by WordPress”
You can also using from 3rd party tools to get similar niche blogs. Here are some of three best 3rd party tool links below -

03. Best practice of blog commenting to get approved instantly and easily

If you're blogger, you know how important of valuable blog commenting. As a blogger, every blogger wants to get high quality valuable backlinks. Any blog owner wants to valuable comment for them blogs. So you must aware about every site commenting policy after published a drop of comment. Here are some valuable tips for approved your comment. Maintain And According to Article writing Topic then published a comment.
  • Post a comment as soon as possible after when published a new post.
  • Use your real name and E-mail on commenting for increase your blog popularity and you.
  • Try to drop a comment which is engaged blogs.
  • You haven't time for reading full post; at least you must see to drop of comment: headlines, heading, sub-headlines etc. after drop a comment.
  • Drop comment only similar niche blogs
  •  Reply to the comment with relationships. 
  • Do not use in comment on anchor text.
  • Start comment using the content author name and accost him/her to attract attention easily.
  • Use internal posts URL instead of the homepage URL during blog comment.

05. Forum Posting:

Forum posting is also the oldest system but it still giving better backlinks. Don't find the thousand of forum blog, you should find only 5-10 forum posting blog and high quality authority blog where you must create an profile with give all information of your. Use the backlinks. Post new thread or reply to other threads to get backlinks and make relationship with others. This will also give and help to carry huge traffic to your blog instantly and easily.

06. Guest Posting:

Nowadays Guest posting is one of another oldest methods of Off Page SEO. It is very effective for off page SEO technique, which you will success in blogging business. Most of the blogger are doing it. But it is not really an easy work for new bloggers. Try to post with high rank authority sites and get huge traffic from guest posted. Just find the high authority with similar niche blog and then request to for guest posting and finally send if they approved. Go to the search using like Google and these search patterns and find out guest posting opportunities. 
  • Keyword + “Guest Blog”
  • Keyword + “Guest Blogger”
  • Keyword + “Guest article”
  • Keyword + “Guest Post”
  • Keyword + “Guest Author”
  • Keyword + “Write for US”
  • Keyword + “Write for me”
  • Keyword + “Guest column”
  • Keyword + “Become a contributor”
  • Keyword + “Contribute this site”
  •  Keyword + “inurl:category/guest”
  • Keyword + “inurl:contributors”

07. Search engine submission: 

The World most popular search engines are the Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, Ask, AOL etc. with verify your blog with their search engines. Submit your blog where available.   This can help you to get more traffic from those search engines and it’s from your blog quickly index your blog post also get and high position rank in SERPs.

08. Link exchange:

Link building is the oldest and effective ways off page SEO to get traffic of your blog, if you do it properly. Find out your similar niche blog then try to contact and ask them, are they agree to link exchange? You can also use 3rd party link like the below-

09. Question and Answering Sites:

Question and answering site also are the effective traffic source of your blog. Try to make answer who are need to anyone. And want to help from others from. Join the high quality domain authority, high Alexa authority sites and join you’re according to niche blog where are related. Answer those questions and give your blog homepage as a reference link of your blog. Some question and answering sites are Yahoo answer, Quora, Blurt it, Anybody out there, eHow, Askville etc.

10. Videos Submission:

At present Video submission is increasing day by day. So try to videos marketing from your blog. It is most important for increasing your videos traffic and also earning. Create some videos tutorial of your niche blog. Use your blog homepage URL or any internal post as a reference link.  Then try to publish some popular videos sharing sites with proper description tag and title. This is also popular ways to get high quality authority backlines because almost all videos submission sites come with high PR, Domain authority and others also help to carry a better amount of referral traffic to your blog. Here are the best of videos tutorial sites.

Some popular videos tutorial sites

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
  • NetFlix
  • NetFlix 
  • Vube
  • Break
  • UStream
  • Matacafe
  • Twitch