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Friday, May 1, 2015

how to recover your hacked account without any software

Hello reader, greeting to all visitors.  Nowadays some of people increase hacking day by day in the world. Most of the Blogger hacking Facebook accounts.
Now I am Trying to learn you how to  your hacked Facebook account. Follow the five steps with descriptions you will have learned our trick how to do it?

01. First Step:

At first connected your PC with Internet. Then you go to the Facebook link 

Now a page loaded, that write box type of your hacked ex: username, email, phone number etc want to Facebook for  your hacked account.

02. Second Step:


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it was my hacked account on Facebook, who thief hacked the Facebook account. Now I'm trying to  it but I don't know whether it is recover? no problem for try to it.

03. Third Step:

now show a account, if come more than one so, select your account and give current or old password. You will get an email of you mail. Then click the link of Facebook. Now give an new hard password, so that it will be not hacked in future.