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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Top 10 effective tips to quickly reduce your site Alexa ranking

An aware frugal blogger, want to their blog or site how to reduce Alexa rank. Because a long day from Google page ranking was stop. So we are now carefully a site or blog for popularity consideration Alexa ranking, how important of top level domain authority, moz rank etc. You might to try the right way reduce Alexa ranking, but it was failed. Into the three months I have done a site reduce the Alexa rank as possible as reduce. And a new site into one month I got Alexa rank.

01. Verify Your Site in Alexa:

Your site is increase to live, after your first work verification. Its Assign to you is the o owner of this blog. It is easy work to verify Alexa site. At first go to Alexa site, registration of your blog. Then claim of your site. From Alexa you get a file that set up in your server or from home page to verify it by the code. This link can verify it.

02. Install and use Alexa toolbar:

For reducing Alexa rank using toolbar is very important. Which browsers you are use (Mozilla or Chrome) where you install add an Alexa tool of ad-on. This tool by you can do check rank, search etc.

03. Use Alexa widget/ plug-in in your site: 

Use the widget of Alexa. You are Use Alexa widgets, from their site Alexa. Use on your Slide-bar or footer of your site, there your site about data will show ranking, backlink, and other information.

04. Keep your blog/site up to date all-times:

Blog or site keeps up to date it a blog or site very essential/ important. If you have All-time up to date and updated your blog you can easily get visitors from search engines. Beside it is also reduce you Alexa rank.

05. Publish Your Articles Whichever Be Unique:

All time publish your articles whichever be unique (Copyright free) in your blog. Never try to publish that content is copyright. It’s your blog reduce your keywords of bad effect of ranking, with also a bad effect in Alexa ranking.

06 try to bring visitors from search engines:

Do SEO work for your blog and try to increase visitor from search engines. From Search Engines as comes to visitors that your blog quickly reduce Alexa ranking.

07. Write an article of your blog about Alexa review:

Many of us don't care about it. For reducing Alexa ranking its carry more important, I said to my own experience. If your blog be about making money, blogging or SEO related, so you your blog from write an post which about Alexa review and give 1/2 backlinks in Alexa from your blog, see your blog of Alexa ranking as quickly as reducing.

08. Use social media sites:

For reducing Alexa ranking social media are more important. You’re every blog's post share on social media sites regularly. Insomuch your blog get referral visitors with improve your Alexa ranking.

09. Blog Commenting is more helpful:

Which blogs of Alexa rank, domain authority, page rank are good and your blog related, that blogs do comment. Especially when your blog from published a post, then comment that on others blog as your site related. You get many referrals and blog of Alexa rank be better than others sites.

10. Guest Blogging in Others Sites:

If you are new blogger, so guest blogging some difficult for you. But it is from search engine from get a good amount of visitors, referral visitors, and also easy to increasing helpful way of Alexa ranking.

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