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Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to make singal name on Facebook Account

Hello dear reader today I will share a trick with descriptions. Nowadays Everyone has a Facebook account but hasn't an signal name. Its name only allowing Indonesia Facebook user. Today I'll share, how to do it from other countries?

So here what we are doing in this post is we're pretending that we are from Indonesia. So I hope this you understood the logic!

I'm Also one thing you should know is only Indonesians are legally eligible to have this single name account and other country people aren't! So now it's your wish whether to perform this trick or not. Simply I can skip all these warning steps and can directly tell you to just perform this trick so that I can gain visitors to this post. But I'm not that kind of person. I love my site readers. I always give preference to their safety. So that's why I have warned you about performing this one name process.

Just like this picture and follow this step with you now do it. 

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Collection Proxy and Port:

Now it is time to collecting, some proxy,  I'm suggestion that you can use for get good proxy go to the site link and I also use this proxy to get a signal name on Facebook and port 8080. (try it may it is work, or it's not work.) Be better if you collected now post proxy, mostly their proxy server updates just time. (take your proxy and port, when its published a while time.)
Now follow the step and do it easily just see this writings and pictures.
Now Open Mozilla Firefox:
Point 1: Open your Mozilla Firefox software and click to go and open the option. Just like the image.

Point 2: Then you click the right side of the option just below image.

Point 3: And click to the Advanced option, like down image.

Point 4: And then go to the setting, like as image in the below
Point 5: Configure proxies to accease the Internet > Manual proxy configuration. Then paste the empty box of you collected proxy > use this server for all protocols > automatic proxy configuration URL: ex > do right do not prompt for authentication if password is saved.

Use that proxy or go to the link and get many proxy of Indonesian. where did you get this code just copy and paste this proxy and port and will  saved it. now go to Facebook and select to setting and go to general setting then click to name. First name place Your singal name and keep to empty second and last name. And then saved it.

Login Facebook Account:

Have you Facebook account? If you haven't a Facebook account, just click here to sign up a account. Then let the work we will do it.

Now Its time to Facebook Clicking Options:

At first login your Facebook account,  click to navigation bar of right side option then go to setting, press hit to click setting. Now new page loaded, click to the languages setting and select language to Indonesia.

And again go to the Setting for change your Facebook name. The kinds of three name of every Facebook users. (First name, Middle name, Last name.)

So paste your own one name in first name and the middle and last have keep to empty. Then give your password in the box and Save it.
Click the edit Upton of the left side on name and change the of one title. then save and go out the box and the last of check your name on Facebook it maybe done.

Yahoo! I am done the work. :-D