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How to make singal name on Facebook Account

Hello dear reader today I will share a trick with descriptions. Nowadays Everyone has a Facebook account but hasn't an signal name. Its name only allowing Indonesia Facebook user. Today I'll share, how to do it from other countries?

So here what we are doing in this post is we're pretending that we are from Indonesia. So I hope this you understood the logic!

I'm Also one thing you should know is only Indonesians are legally eligible to have this single name account and other country people aren't! So now it's your wish whether to perform this trick or not. Simply I can skip all these warning steps and can directly tell you to just perform this trick so that I can gain visitors to this post. But I'm not that kind of person. I love my site readers. I always give preference to their safety. So that's why I have warned you about performing this one name process.

Just like this picture and follow this step with you now do it. 

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How Important of Top Level Domains

Dear reader greeting to all visitors. I'm Readoy Kumar Das. Today I shall discuss to top level domain or how important of top level domain. What type of top level domain?Many of us in our countries company sell top level domains. Domain .Com | .Org | .Net| .Biz| .Info | .Govt | .Edu etc are the most popular domain in the world. If you take top level domain, in fact, you will get much improvement from this domain and will soon increase your site of SEO.
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How important of top level domain in Alexa rank: Nowadays, many people are creating their owner sites for get Alexa rank as soon as possible. Among of them are failed to shine their blog career and earning method. Thousand of sites are creating regularly, so that many site aren't get Alexa rank. Or you have a sub-domains site like BlogSpot, WordPress. Once time show Alexa rank but at present, to get it very hard. Something sites have top level domain despite but they can't get Alexa …