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Friday, February 20, 2015

15 Basic Information how to use easily Google

01. Find your favorite song or movie by Google:

Find music, video or album in various formats, a particular specify songs, or find the whole song album by the Google.  

Method: You are looking for Michael Jackson songs. You write search in Google "index of "(mp3 | mp4 | HD) Michael Jackson" into the search box. If any song of the album, want particularly, Format should be: "index of" (mp3 | mp4 | HD) Michael Jackson" Any full Songs Album write take place "Index of" (mp3 | mp4 | HD) piano Michael Jackson. In other cases this tips can be utilized.

02. Find PDF files in Google:

Google to find PDF files for different purposes Google does very well in this task.
Method: Any relates PDF file searching to find, write the file type. For example: SEO file type: PDF

03. Learn any words by Google:

Google is helpful understanding any word meaning than other search engines.

Methods: Before you enter define the word. For example, define: scholarship

04. Conversion different units change for called Google:

Height, weight and volume etc. The unit conversion factors you can use Google.
Method: In the search box enter the unit you want to change. For example: kg to pound or inch to km.
05. Google also helps currency convert:

Often we need to dollars rate, for a rate is to take none help from others. Now for the action Google will help.

Method: Search box write necessary coin search it. Format tracked USD to BDT.

06. Google from known to any area Time:

Local time in the area anyone know. But other area time for now nobody cooperation there is no need any help to Calculation or the number of required. For this work from home call Google will help you.

Method: From Google for find out time, write the name city name before "time". For example: Time Sydney entering search.

07. Learn at home anywhere Weather News:

According to the local time any area weather information from Google know to you. Don't need friends for this help.
Method: From Google any specific name and the name of the place, city's before write “weather". For example, search inbox Weather Sydney.

08. Any area know Sunrise and Sunset times:

Any country or city times know ex: in Dhaka City sunrise and sunset time want to know, ask to Google.
Method: that cities sunrise or sunset want to know the time that Enter the search box name of the city, before Sunrise or Sunset. For ex: Sunset: Sydney.

09. Google can calculation through the calculator:

Including accounts in which Calculator to require in the tasks with help from Google Allows. A lot of work is too easy.

Method: Google A search for the type of calculation (200 + 500 =?), then Google will appear calculation.

10. To target a specific boundaries:

Google Language Tools (https://translate.google.com) languages conversion with any language any other text Change the language to Google option is not somewhere, it everywhere.
Method: translate.Google.com go to the link, select language to translation. For the original article, go to the left of the empty room then the language paste you want to translate.

14. Use keywords exactly websites Limited:

For SEO work on using specific keywords find out Using exactly the same keywords, and that way to get it.
Methods: Both sides of the use of keywords in quotation marks For example, "SEO course in Bangladesh" This is the search by Google like as other websites limited company information.

15. A Websites related specify to specific keywords testing out:

Only a particular website Google to find work same websites.
Methods: Go to Google and enter the keyword to any website search for the site. Then the site name ex: domain name search by entering the name site ex: www.3ToWap.Blogspot.Com it do search and got related sites.