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15 Basic Information how to use easily Google

01. Find your favorite song or movie by Google:
Find music, video or album in various formats, a particular specify songs, or find the whole song album by the Google.

Method: You are looking for Michael Jackson songs. You write search in Google "index of "(mp3 | mp4 | HD) Michael Jackson" into the search box. If any song of the album, want particularly, Format should be: "index of" (mp3 | mp4 | HD) Michael Jackson" Any full Songs Album write take place "Index of" (mp3 | mp4 | HD) piano Michael Jackson. In other cases this tips can be utilized. 02. Find PDF files in Google: Google to find PDF files for different purposes Google does very well in this task.
Method: Any relates PDF file searching to find, write the file type. For example: SEO file type: PDF
03. Learn any words by Google:
Google is helpful understanding any word meaning than other search engines.

Methods: Before you enter define the word. For example, define: scholarship

04. Conve…

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