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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Learn Freelancing and Be A Freelancer With Cover Letter Tips

The number of freelancers in our country is increasing day by day. Undoubtedly, it's good news for us. But we have some misunderstandings. With a computer, Internet connection & a registration in oDesk/Elance, one cannot say himself a freelancer.
The first & main rule of freelancing, you must know a work, perfectly. Getting work or not is later discussion.

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Many say, freelancers don't have work regularly. Before speaking about it, let's discuss some points: My own opinion is, the profession of freelancing is not only a work but also a business. Here selling things are knowledge & hard work.

There are so many buyers. By attracting these buyers, selling as much as one can is the aim. Though a thing is not like this perfectly, yet to make you understand is about the writing.
Many of us speak about part time & full time. Actually, there is no word named like part/full time in freelancing. Still, who tells part / full time, standing in their place, I can say: part/full time is your wish, but you must know work.

When the conversation is about part time, the first question is whether you know work or not. If you don't know the work you can do the normal work by learning in short time. Or you can do the hard task, if you know them.

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If you want, you also can do hard tasks as part time by learning them. Thinking that, when we step forward, first question occurs is, why aren't we getting work? To get work in online freelancing, you have to try to get it.
-Timing of apply
-Cover letter

-Your profile- Connection of your knowledge & work. These points are very important in online freelancing. And if you tell about full time, we need to remember - The work we know / we have the ability to lean, we must make sure of it before coming into this profession.

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Freelancing is not a simple work. In this profession, you can get work without knowing it, but you will not be able to do. And that will disappoint you very soon.
Clicking anywhere you will get money, is wrong. Here you will be judged by your work. You have to keep patience. In many place, starting starts slowly.

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But if you are good at your work, you will get many works & there will be a time that you have to refuse works in short of time.

So, come to this profession by learning perfectly though it takes time. By learning & doing work perfectly, you will get the benefit of learning period in your whole life.