Easily Protect Spamming in your Website/blog

Just following a simple trick!!

Many of us do have a favorite blog. We get hurt if anybody does spamming in our blog and even Google community considers it as a spamming site. Thus out visitor get reduced to this spamming blog. So, today I will introduce you to a trick “How to stop spamming” in my blog www.desk2blog.com. So, let’s see how it works!
First, create a file named spamCheack.php in your hosting folder then include the code shown below in that file.

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function checkSpam($text){
foreach($spamDomains as $spamTld){
else {
Then include this file where you verify spam. Now you can verify any writing with this and you need just call a function for this.
You want to verify “visit spamm.com ”
So, checkSpam("Visit spammm.com ");
echo “to stop Spam as your wish;

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Thank you and stay with us.

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