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Thursday, January 22, 2015

iPhone or iPad Using get Benefits by Jailbreak

We have no clear idea what we can do with our iPhone or iPod. We don't do much with our iPhone which we buy from market & we remain in binding. But if you do jail break with your iPhone, you will be able to use it like smart phone. It will be like computer. But it will seem impossible to them, who don't know it.

Whatever, now we are going to discuss what will be, if you jailbreak your iPhone. By it you will be able to understand the difference between normal iPhone and jailbreak iPhone. First, let's know what is jailbreak? Apple Company doesn’t give all service to your iPhone for their business. That's why, for all service some people create CYDIA which is like App store.

This CYDIA is known as jailbreak. From here one can install many apps which gives benefit to iPhone user. There are extra settings & they are necessary for many apps. One can customize iPhone according to his own wish. And, therefore you will be able to use such apps, that it will change your idea about iPhone. Then, let's know which works can be done with iPhone having jailbreak:

01. One Touch to turn many Service:

Normally you have to push upper button for 10 seconds to restart or switch off. But jailbreak will give you service, where one touch is enough for this work. Besides, one touch is also enough for WI-Fi, 3G, and data connection, Bluetooth to turn on or off. And to do this you don't have to go in setting. With this app you can turn off searching, delete folder or app even you can change name of mobile operator.

02. Protected Your Apps with Password: 

Personal documents, files, apps password can't be locked in normal iPhone, but jailbreak iPhone can do so, no one will be able to access them without you, when you lock.

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03. Change your iPhone system:

You can't change theme, font, and ringtone by normal iPhone but you can do so by jailbreak. There are thousands themes there.

04. Fast Download By Jailbreak:

You cannot download by suffer Internet browser in normal iPhone. But in jailbreak you can do it easily & this is so interesting.

05. Jailbreak I Explorer on Your iPhone:

You cannot access find lea system or folder of your device by normal iPhone. But in jailbreak iPhone you can access file or folder by i Explorer app. It's like computer. By computer one can create folder using C or D drive, delete, rename, copy paste etc. Here you also can do this by using jailbreak.

06. Send Your E-mail With Pictures:

One can't attach file while doing e-mail without default picture of iPhone in normal iPhone. But jailbreak will help you to do these.

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07. Easily add your songs by Jailbreak: 

When you want to receive audio, video by normal iPhone, you have to use iTunes of Apple & many find it disgusting. But in jailbreak having iPhone you can add audio or video so easily, you don't need computer to do this. If you want you can use that song as your ringtone.

08. Downloads Video on Your iPhone:

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Downloading anything from YouTube you can save them & enjoy them later when you are in offline.

09. Download Apps Store:

In normal iPhone you can't download eBooks as your wish. But you can make eBook in Wikibooks app downloading Bangle, English, PDF file by iPhone. Therefore your iPhone will be a large library.

10. App Store of iPhone:

You can use all apps for free, which are costly in iPhone apps store.
11. Office suite Open or Edit:  

You can open file of any format such as MS word, Excel, Photoshop etc.

12. You can Share your Files iPhone to Android:

Installing opposite apps of iTunes into your computer you can transfer files iPhone to computer or computer to iPhone as we do in Android device. Actually there are so many interesting things, it is impossible to tell or write them all. You will understand by using. So if you want these services follow our posts perfectly.
If you are can’t clear with this post or helps any steps. Please! Leave a comment; I will solve it with your question. Stay with our blog.