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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Everything that can bring success in Google AdSense!

Google AdSense is Golden deer in Bangladesh. If you lost the Golden deer after you got it that will be a tremendous sadness for you. There are many principles for getting success in Google AdSense.

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Some of them are description below.

Point-1 Write Easy in Articles:

Write your article point by point that will make users felt easy to understand. If your article hard to read. Nobody wants to visit your sites. Or if you have hard reading articles, so you can see your sitemap, your articles indiscriminate conditions. Sometimes, into your article have funny subject, causing your articles reading to comfortable and enjoyable.
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Point-2 Write Wanted Articles:

Avoid unwanted Keyword in your blog targeting Search Engine. Because Search Engine can traffic visitor to your blog but if the visitors do not stay long time they won’t click the ads.

Point-3 Write Exclusive Articles:

People will visit your blog to read your blog if your writing include attractive things that people want. As much well you write success will knock your door rapidly.

Point-4 Make Article Related Pictures:

Try to include picture relating your article. It is proved in research that people get interested to read article seeing the picture. But the picture shouldn’t be set alongside the ads.
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Point-5 Target highly articles Keywords:

In beginning select cheapest Keyword and when the visitor will start coming then select costly keyword. Firstly you have target to select low quality keywords. When your site popular when you target high costly keywords.

Point-6 Regular Published Your Posts:

Publish good article regularly but do not try to be copy-past from another site. First day you can do 5 post but then you have no gen. it is not effect to continue your blogging.

Point-7 Do Not Use Copyright Pictures:

Don’t use copyright picture otherwise Google will suspend your account anytime. And if you need pictures very much. So you can use Google Advanced Search for Pictures.

Point-8 No more Add Widgets:

Don’t use more or unwanted widget. That will reduce bounce rate and click in your site. And you site be loading many times.
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Point-9 Use Popular Keywords:

Use hot Keyword, which is searched enough, and you can use Google Keyword tool for researching and analyzing your Key Word for selecting the perfect one and make your content base on the Keyword. Then you will get relevant ads.

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Point-10 Report when too much clicks:

Monitor CTR and site Impression regularly. If you see unexpected amount of click, report it to Google and your account will be saved from being suspended.