All Popular Sites Which needs to Freelancing for Freelancer

Most people know about oDesk/UpWork, Elance, Freelancer and also others Freelancing as they are popular sites. There are many these sites.

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oDesk is a global online working platform businesses and where independent professionals and collaborate and connect remotely. It is an American site. A buyers can give rate highly 5 rating. This is many of freelancers working Freelancing in SEO, Data Entry, graphic design; HTML, CSS, Article Writing, Web development etc. and many other works have in oDesk. Money withdraws in PayPal, Master Card, Moneybookers and also bank account. (Wire transfer). oDesk was founded in 2003.


Freelancer is a website online offering work for freelancers. The website has been got all over the world 13.5 and 6.5 million members and projected by businesses. Freelancers decided to incorporate two new sites and order to international attract countries and increases share market. The same as oDesk works.

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Elance is a online staffing platform based Freelancing working site. It was founded in 1999 in Mountain View, California, U.S.A. As like is same of the oDesk and also freelancer. 


Here provider posts their work sample with rate. Posting this service is called hourly. Buyers accept hourly by selection as their wish. Besides, provider can bid for buyer's job post. But selling hourly is popular in this site.


This site mainly gives reward by arranging competition. As it's competitive, reward is also heavy. Buyers give description of work and designers from abroad give their designs doing competition. Buyers select & give reward.
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Design crowd is like 99 designs. This site also gives reward by competition. Buyers give description of work and designers from abroad give their designs doing competition. As it's competitive, reward is also heavy. Buyers select & give reward.


Theme forest is one of the popular sites. Graphic designers sell template with their design. Besides they can sell HTML & SEO Codeine. If buyers are impress once by your design & functionality that will be best. One design will make you millionaire (It is not hard to be millionaire if you can give extraordinary design, there are designs sell by millions in theme forest.) Theme forest is for selling themes, code canyon is for codes, photo dune is for stock photography & 3D animation is also popular market place.


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It is different. Here buyers don't post jobs, workers post their services. If any buyer likes, he will buy it from you. Buyers buy as much time, you will be paid. Interesting matter of this site is you will be paid 5 dollars, whatever you do. So this site is for many works.

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This gets many works, its popular small works site. So it’s always have work. Money withdraws in only 10 dollar. It is simple and small workers site. Work details ex: Account create, increase like, YouTube view etc. work. It’s have a short name called MW.

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Guru is an online freelancing marketplace. It allows companies to find freelancing workers for commissioned work. It was Founded in 1998 in Pittsburgh and still headquartered there.
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