10 points that you have to keep in mind while planning title or content for marketing.

Hello, My dear Readers, I am Readoy Kumar Das. Since I have been working in the marketing on SEO/online for some year, I have some various project. I am working SEO, online marketing for many years & I have some projects of my own. Most of them are about marketing, though I don't have any degree for this subject. I thought I should share some of my works. It will benefit others. Besides that, it's practice for me also. Therefore I am going to tell you which steps you should take while planning for title. how will the people think about the importance of a content? Let's begin:

01. Give more importance to Title:

When I plan for content, I give more importance to title. If you want to do work in SEO or online marketing, what should you do? How readers will come to your blog easily? Answer is first readers will watch your title. So we must give importance to title. So that people can be impressed and read the content of the topic. A good title will give many benefits.

02. Target the word people use more:

You may write a content on a topic & you will use some keywords for this. Among them some are main keyword. With this keyword, first we can search in Google with picture, video & also do custom search to know about the keyword. Try to get result of last 1 month, 6 months, 1 year & always keep in mind that how many has index Google search engine. Besides, we have to research competitors to know about them. Including these, I should make a good plan how I will be more benefited than my competitor.

03. Imagine:

I am the writer of this content. I have written this content by hard work. why? And for what? And for whom? obviously, we write for people to read. I always try my best so that peoples read the content, be happy & wait for next good contents.

04. Imagine your place in search engine:

you can imagine that your content takes place 2/3/4 number, not in 1 but before 10. Though content place is not near, but people can choose by title. Because while reading title, if it impresses the reader he/she will read it hoping good content. when people want something, obviously they want the best thing.

04. Imagine my place in search engine:

I can imagine that my content takes place 2/3/4 number, not in 1 but before 10. Though content place is not near, but people can choose by title. Because, while reading title, if it impresses him reader will read it hoping good content. when people want something, they want the best.

05. Do some interesting on Title:

You will write & write like robot, that can't be. When you will gather all titles from site map, you will understand how you are performing. So keep some interesting for your reader in your title. It will help you bring them again to your site & you will get them. But you should be careful that things will be topic related.

06. Give sign that make people thinking the content is good:

I can give some sign by title as I write a good article. That's why, readers will understand easily whether content will satisfy them or not. But it will be dangerous if content & title don't match. If you are impressing people by title but content is not good, then it will result in vein. And it can make negative impression about you to the readers. So be careful.

07. Make lengthy title for target:

I try to use long keyword in title. It makes title more meaningful. And that gives benefit. If you get more time it becomes easy to make other understand. Particularly it will be good. Many readers will be attracted by your title.

08. Concern of competitor:

Then at last I would love to compare with competitor in rank. If the result is 80% up, I will be published. You have done everything in your own way, now let's participate in competition where competitors are waiting for you. If your content is not better than them, you will lose. but if your content is better than them, you will win though this is your new content.

09. Believe yourself while working:

A good plan is better than many works. So give more importance to your plan. A good plan will benefit you long time.

10. The Last of all:

A bad plan can destroy everything. So first, plan well, then start work. Be competitor of yourself. If you are satisfied to your work, then it will be the best. You will get many resources for online working. They are not same. That doesn't mean all are useful. Keep them which are useful & delete rest of all. You will succeed by the grace of God.

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