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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How To Protect Your Eyes From Computer When You Using Computer

Greetings to all visitors and readers. Now I'm share how to protect your eyes from computer.
When you are working on the computer occasionally blink of a Good way to Eyelids Fling off. The amount of moisture in the eye Natural and does not cause dryness. Yet Computer screen we commit less than twinkling of an eye, It do so is harmful to the eyes.
It is important to Proper Lighting Computer work environment. Daylight computer monitor usage time, as opposed to reflecting there are will be closed as Doors, windows or lights. The computer do not occur Use in place which Reflection of light from the monitor. Do not start again the dark Houses of computer.
Computer use in all cases with the screen height at eye-level will keep compatibility. The eye is health Many important cases.

Moderate your computer brightness Levels should be keeping done. If the brightness of the eyes more pressure and feeling you are uncomfortable.

Eyes, relax and comfortable Sentiment For the best colors are considered Green color. Job Between you can look the outside of the window natural environment at any time.

Reading or writing the computer screen does not use smaller fonts. Please! Select the font for the eyes you comfortable. Because the small Write more pressure creates on the eyes.

Two hands palm tracts make it hot with friction. Then the palm of your eyes Keep at least 1 minute. Tired of it Soothing eye Muse will bring help.

Long before computers while working for the protection of eyes too in a way suitable, 20-20-20. Every 20 minutes after the computer Look away from the screen and choose a minimum of 20 feet away to focus on an object at least For 20 seconds. Eye For the rest of the 20-20-20 this rules enough on the eye Humidity and pressure on the reduced eyes.

Try to stay fresh your Monitor regularly and always to keep it clean. Monitor's dust disrupts vision. As a result, the monitor problem is to read characters and puts pressure on your eyes. So computer do not eared dirties dust, dirt or fingerprints.