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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WordPress Development: potential Freelancing Career

WordPress is the most widely used in today's world And Unrivaled Content Management Systems. Using WordPress A website can be easily created Without any knowledge of programming. Why WordPress So much popularity. Around the world use WordPress Being developed through numerous websites. Constantly increasing as a result of WordPress demand are developers. So WordPress Development through You can build your successful Freelancing Career.

Because of the popularity of WordPress:

Anyone can in making website He should have sought its site Content easily manage. But the need for this Content Management System. But Content Management System or (CMS) Created quite time consuming And expensive. Just like the canned Which CMS to use. The Any of the WordPress CMS There are quite ahead compared. Because It has a straightforward And user-friendly features. Moreover, any feature easily Advantage of being able to add and search Engine friendly structure. WordPress First started As blogging platform. But It helps the e-commerce Site, portfolio, newspaper It helps to create different sites Is used.

WordPress users:

There are numerous Online websites. In the midst of the most popular of the 10 million 16.7 per cent share of the Website Website Created using WordPress. Just do not end here; The Website CMS Created by the Share of 55.1 per cent Powered by WordPress. WordPress That's how popular it is one of the following Study is proven. Because the According to the survey of 1 day WordPress is installed. Whether As increasing use moving day WordPress. New York Times newspaper site Created by WordPress Mediums use. In addition, Social media sites, e-commerce Etc are made through WordPress.

WordPress Theme:

WordPress theme development largely WordPress Themes or be made templates. WordPress Theme Originally built in PHP, JavaScript, etc The sum of the file. Numerous sites made with WordPress WordPress Theme Directories. Any institution If their website Then they can take want to make it Pick any theme. Here are numerous premium themes From which the user can Choosing a WordPress Theme purchase. And then Customize can take it according to his choice. Also There are numerous can take Free WordPress Themes From which the user Collection of themes for websites.

WordPress Theme Development Demand:

WordPress Theme Development And the constant demand Increasing for developers. Every load Scales with the number WordPress themes are being developed. A statistics WordPress users 35 percent of premium themes Or customize using the theme. Good quality premium theme must be able to produce It is possible to sell many times. Each approximately 1 million new website Created using the WordPress. Thus, 35 percent of them Users use WordPress theme If the day of 35 WordPress being made buyer. Only Not doing the WordPress site For customization online Implementation Marketplace Are submitted. So WordPress Developers Demand that it is easily reached Conceivable.

WordPress Developer income And the amount of field Constantly using:

WordPress Being made by numerous websites. So Freelancing Marketplace Needs a lot of work. A freelancer could start working 10 to 12 dollar rates per hour. However, time With the success of the Works with If to his share Can also be increased in the future. An experienced WordPress developer could Rates from 80 to 100 dollars per hour of work. If each Developers work 8 hours a day Where does his income goes and it is easily understandable. Also WordPress Developer A theme itself It builds various online Marketplace to sell. WordPress templates as you It builds themeforest sell to Marketplace. As a Neighborhood themeforest There is an e-commerce template name in 1644 has been sold out. Theme prices 60 dollars. So this template The developer of almost 98640 dollars Or nearly 79 million earned From a theme. And will continue to be sold as it is in front, Its more sell, higher income.

How to Learn WordPress Development:

WordPress Development To learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Will learn PHP, etc.. However, if customization jobs If you want to HTML And CSS will ever know. These are for learning There are plenty of online tutorials And resources. In addition, Al-Hera in multimedia Web Design package and WordPress Themes can Development of the Bengali Tutorial collect. So friends and why. WordPress Development Work Learn and Make a success Career.