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Friday, July 25, 2014

14 Wrong Concepts of Google AdSense

We are all to income more interested in money. And so our first target Google AdSense. Hardly a Blog or Website opens three or four advertisements putting the money I kept on waiting.
Money or lower from dream to dream. Then the one-time mistake step or am to AdSense leave the other establish the way websites.

Does google want to do? Google loves content. Content here only text means - Pictures, music, videos - These are all there is no value to Google. You never Google visitors from will unless you’re Website are quality content - Own content enter ... Copy and paste content do not run through. Refrain from spelling mistakes keeps unnecessary keyword how to use etc, etc. The following some reasons Google account ban may be working or according to the income is denied.

01.  The only search for engine Blog should not be made, that’s because search engines will be at the most the reader of your or click on the website But will visitor. So when readers write and search engines two’s remembering. Reader In order to ease the Gets, so the point form, Blog with necessary photos Post.

02. Only Money-making exercise the purpose of the blog refrains from developing stay.
03.  High Paying Keyword Target Niche Blog Made, but The blog haven't content there.

04. Shaving money online easy work, came up with this blog made the wondering - Reader by stairs come to the website will begin to click.

05.  Intelligence itself is a one-click The Click or others encouraged to.

06.  That have difficult to read Virulent Design, Unnecessary images, sounds, using widgets.

07.  Using AdSense Doing, but AdSense channel doesn't use. So no advertisement How many of Making money, it does not understand.

Google's rules don't you ever read - Any sites are doing where using AdSense.

08.   Such a page AdWords site, Where no content there.

09.  More than one active AdSense account opening trying. 

10. Others CTR, Impressions, CPM Etc. have to say. 

11. The photo immediately Google AdWords Site - do not put blown Photo situated advertisement.

12. Do not try to Unjustified AdWords Code changes. If you must change your AdSense code then click to switch account. 

13.  The topic of the Blog you have Made, which is Cost per Click (CPC) is low according to with you earning below.

14.   You must have on your blog or website on your page such as - home page; contact us, privacy policy, sitemap, and good template. And then you’re ready to apply Google AdSense for your website.