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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

HTC one m8 - The new best android smartphone

htc-m8-one-2-04The HTC One M8 smartphone’s exterior appearance is very similar to its HTC One phone which was released last year with curvaceous edges and tinted aluminum casing that provides protection. It can easily be declared as the best phone manufactured by the company till date due to its features and appearance. Available in three irresistible colors of grey, silver and gold with attractive display the phone feels light as well as solid in hand. The new model carries forward its previous year’s legacy of eye catching display, high end technology and 1080 full HD display which can compete with best models available in the market till date. The only difference between its last year’s model and present one is soft touch navigation buttons which are now located on the touch screen itself right above its logo which charmingly fade off when not in use.
Display Features – The M8 has a pleasing 5 inch display screen with twin speakers on its face along with 5 megapixel camera. Notification for phone on charge and receipt of messages is carried out by a tiny LED on speaker grill which glows red during charging and green for messages. The sleek phone has dual camera lenses on its rear side along with LED flash for clearer pictures. To compete with the likes of Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy 5 this flagship product has higher resolution than previous model and is also more soothing to one’s eyes. A new feature on the HTC One M8 is Motion Launch which uses varied gestures on to sift through applications and open them with minimum effort enabling using to move through news and social updates too. The power button and IR lens are on upper edge of phone while bottom edge has headphone jack and micro USB connector.
Camera Features – UltraPixel camera has been carried forward from previous HTC One phone which clicks clear pictures when accompanied with its LED flash. Its ability to focus fast on objects to be photographed allows one to concentrate on camera angles and click pictures at a faster pace than regular phone cameras. However a few users have reported that different pictures of the same object sometimes appear light and sometimes dark which may be due to some software issues. However due to dual lens configuration of its camera the pictures are both sharp and clear while its smaller lens camera in rear side has varied focusing filters to focus on varied objects with a particular area and make a new image altogether. A major grouse of users is inability to manually change its camera settings as the controls are quite tiny and quite difficult to activate.

Audio Features - The attractive HTC M8 now has BoomSound technology which provides 25 percent more sound than its previous version. Its twin front speakers provide stereophonic sound and can be utilized to listen to tunes and videos without using headphones at a relative high volume. The sound is so clear and precise that one can hear even the lightest clink of glass or falling coins therefore watching movies or videos on this phone while travelling is a real treat. Its audio quality during calls is loud and clear with both sides having ability to hear each other even in remotest of locations if service provider’s connectivity is strong.

Software Features - HTC One M8 is powerful since it runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat software which works in partnership with HTC’s Sense 6.0 along with Qualcomm’s most recent Snapdragon 801 processor. While BlinkFeed enables access of news sources and information instead of using varied applications its other preloaded applications enable several other essential activities. New software features include Polaris Office 5, HTC TV and video with recorder. HTC has provided this phone with Qualcomm’s latest Quick Charger 2.0 technology allowing it to recharge itself at a faster pace using a plug-in device instead of wireless system. To expand memory of your 16 GB or 32 GB HTC M8 android smartphone one can use microSD card of upto 128 GB for storing videos or music files which require large space.

Battery and Processing power - HTC One M8 is powered by 2600 mAH battery which will provide 20 hours of talk time and manage around 496 hours of standby. Its battery power is strong enough to last through 8 – 9 hours of video without recharge either with full boom sound. Its processor is smart and quick with accelerating power to your delivery with its 2.5 GHz Quad-Core 801 Qualcomm Snapdragon which does enable to easily switch between various applications and using them in quick succession. These features in addition to its tough metal case make the smartphone more preferable among new buyers looking to exchange their existing smartphones with better alternatives.
Advantage over other smartphones – While other phones use tap gestures to switch on their display the HTC has applied better technology like gestures to turn it on. While swipe on left side of its screen opens up home page, swipe on left side livens up its phone and also launches BlinkFeed while downwards sweep will turn on voice dialing. The handset is elegant and easy to handle with lightweight body of 160 grams only.

Conclusion – The new HTC One M8 has latest android enabled applications which result in a smartphone to make its owners proud. Its high resolution pictures in combination with clear sound make it a flagship product ideal for people on the go who need to use internet based applications on a continuous basis. The HTC Sense 6 makes its applications respond faster and allows users to perform varied tasks without struggling to open each and every application and closing them again. For a first time user who is not used to smart phones its gesture driven display may take a little time to get used to but after mastering its varied applications one will let go of it so easily. Its hardy aluminum body case with brightly lit display make plastic cased contemporaries from Nokia and Samsung look like cheap imitation smartphones. With this phone HTC has created a sizeable impact and reputation for itself in the competitive world of smartphones.