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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wired jobs around

What type of job do you want to have? It is a highly paid high-profile conventional job liked by most people? Yes, you can have it. It is the question of your choice of other types of jobs out there--- cool, fun,exciting, even wonder who picks up the chewing gum left on a park bench or who assesses whether a piece of furniture is comfortable enough or who constructs glass eyeballs oe who farms oysters in the middle of the ocean? These are all wacky, odd, unexpected, wild, crazy, unconventional, strange or just plain wired jobs and careers. They are not your traditional career choices, but somebody out there does all these things, gets paid for There are hundreds of such jobs to take if you want travel the less taken ways of life. You have to decide on several questions:

  1. What companies will recruit/hire me?
  2. Do I actually make a paycheck?
  3. What type of education/diploma will I need?
  4. Can I make a living doing this?

Your answer to these questions will help pave your career roadmap and help you decide if you are ready to take the challenge. Decide if you want a change. A lot of strange jobs also allow you to work part-time or freelancer when it fits your schedule. They way you can get a tested of freedom, a secondary income, and build experience at the same time.

Do you have interests beyond writing memos and attending boring meetings? If so, you may wonder how you can find a strange job. Hobbies are a good place to start. What do you do for fun? Do you stuff animals, act like Charily Chaplin, or make model cars? You may enjoy it. Someone out there works in that field and is making money off their hobbies. Maybe they are testing mountaineering equipment, developing fragrances, trying new brands of undergarments, or saving sea turtles. And they are getting a paid good washed.


  1. But have you ever thought of other type of jobs out there---?' Other types of jobs' mean here?
  2. There are for particular strange and wired jobs mentioned in Para one of the text. Which one of them seems to be most weird to you any why?
  3. Before going for an unconventional and strange job the author has suggest several questions to decide on? Rearrange them beginning from the most important to you to the least. Add some more questions to the list that might be important to consider.
  4. What are some other part-time strange jobs mentioned in the text?
  5. What type of job is referred to buy the expression 'writing memos and attending boring meetings'? Do you think the author's observation on the particular job is justified? Why/Why not?