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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Truthful Dove

The Truthful Dove Part (1)

Key word : shelter, grumpy, unwillingly, generous, flattery

Once upon a time, a hat were very good friends. One day the two friends decide two set out on a journey. They flew over the river and hills and came to a big jungle. Borh the friends were very tried, they needed to sit down and take a rest. Soon night fell and it was dark all around. A storm rose. It started to rain heavily. The dove and the bat started to look for a shelter.

They came upon a country-old rain tree. An owl had his nest in that tree. The dove and the bat knocked at the owl's door. The old grumpy old opened the door. The dove and the bat requested him to give them shelter. The owl unwillingly let them in. The birds were hungry too. They begged for some food. The selfish owl was not happy. However, he shared his dinner with them. The dove was so tried that she could hardly eat. But the bat was sly. He ate greedily. He began to praise the owl, are you the most generous person I have ever seen. You are powerful and mighty."

The owl was very pleased at the bat's flattery. He puffed and ruffled and himself, trying to look as wise and brave as possible. Then he turned to the dove and asked,"Now little dove, what do you think about me?"

The Truthful Dove Part (2)

Key word: wondering, insincere, speech, praise, host,grateful.

All this ime the dove was listening to her friend's false praise. She was wonderful how insincere his praise were. The dove humg her head down and was quiet. The owl got important. He wanted to hear more praise. He looked at the dove and asked, "Don't you have any good thing to say about me?" The bat joined the owl, " Yes, don't you have any words of praise for our kind host?" The dove was ashamed of her friend bat and kept her eyes down. The owl urged the dove, "Come on, say something!"

The dobe lifted her head slowly and said, Master owl, thank you very much for the shelter you have given me, thank you for the food you have offered me. I will remain ever grateful for this".

The Truthful Dove Part (3)

Key word: gracious, noble, deserve, hospitality ungrateful, echo, vicious, leathery, vain.

"What" cried the bat. "Is that all you have to say to our gracious

host?" Is he not the wisest, bravest and most generous of all animals and birds? Have you no praise for his noble character as well as for his goodness to us? I am ashamed of you! You do not deserve such hospitality. You do not desrve this shelter."

"Yes are an ungrateful bird, and the bat is right. You do not deserve this generous hospitality which I have offered. Get out! Be off, I say!"

"Yes, get lost!" Echoed the bat, flapping his leathery wings. And the two heartless creatures fell upon the poor little dove and drove her out into the dark and stormy night.

But the owl and the bat did not go unpunished for their act heartlessness. The bat can never fly in broad daylight. He has to wait for the sun to go down. And do you know what happend to the vain owl? Well, he is blind as long as the sun is up. He cannot hunt or feed himself unless it is dark. So two vicious creatures with their dark heart live in the dark.

On the other hand, the dove is rewarded for her truthfulness. Her name shalk be used bt poets as long as the world lasts to rhyme with "LOVE".