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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Jobs Around

I know you will wonder if I say the best thing that ever happened to me was when I lost my last job. Yes, really!

I was a desk cleark in an office. But believe me I never lilted my job. Nothing can be more boring than being stuck in an office al day with computers and telephone.

So after two years or so, I decided to leave my job though I had good salary there. Now I'm an owner of a nursery. Planting seeds, budding, grafting, taking care of saplings, cleaning the flower beds and spending time with trees are my full time job. I start work very early. In summer I usually leave home at 5:30 in the morning, but in winter not until about 7. I've a small hut in my nursery. There cannot be any more pleasure for me than when I see the moon for there or walk though the trees in the soft moonlit night. The winter is just over. So I'm cleaning up the winter flower garden. Now I'm busy in producing more timber and medicinal plants which people will buy from July. Every season is so different and I love them all. When I compare my present days with the past, I simply can't understand how I could survive there in my previous job. I love nature. I just love working outside in the open air after all those months in a stuffy office. Gadgets never attract me and perhaps never will.

I'm not married. I do my own work, even cook my owm food. I try not to depend on others for the work which I myself can do. Often my friends are annoyed with me. They say, I should engage a maid for household chores. They are happy to see me in this 'rustic life' . They are professionals. They earn a lot. Maybe --- much more than what I do but I think enjoy my work more.

At weekends, I often go to the countryside. Sometimes with my friends, sometimes alone. I love collecting unknown sapling. I have another hobby. I love collecting stamps. I have a Russian stamp during the period of Lenin. I don't watch TV. Almost everyone has a TV set these days. But I don't have any. How is that?

The only problem I face is I do not earn enough money in all season. The winter and the rain are two busy season for me. But I at least earn enough for my family, employees, and me to run a decent life. I must say I'm a very happy man!