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Friday, March 14, 2014


Key word: Facebook, e-mail, web site, blog, e-commerce, twitter, e-learning, iPod, tablet pc, information super high way, social network, smart phone. Let' imaging a citizen's ordinary day at work. The morning probably starts with a cup of coffee/tea, followed by greeting the colleagues. Then comes the inevitable ,which is logging in the computer. For many of us the third step has become an automatic behavior and it domainates the rest o our work day, receving and sending dozens of emails. An e-mail is an electronic mail. It is a computer-aided way of exchanging digital text messages from a sender to one or multiple recipient/s. Email operate throught a network of computer linked by the Internet. There are commercial server agencies such asYahoo, Gmail, Ymail, Hotmail, etc. That accept the text message from the sender, forward it and deliver instantly to the digital mailbox of the recipient. If the recipient is not online, the message is stored and delivered later when the recipient is online. It works instantly just with the click of your mouse. It has been a powerful communicatiom tool in modern life.