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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What they are and how they are related on the fields of e- communications

The advantages of the Internet technology have made it possible to emerge a good number of web sites to facilitate social relations among people around the world. These are known as social networking service or social network. At present, Facebook is the most popular. Google+ ,Twitter,LinkedIn, etc... are another frequently used social services. Social network services are web-based and hence, provide ways for the users to Internet. These services made it possible to connect people sharing interests and activities across the borders and thus have made a lot for the users to feel that they really live in a global village.

Why are social networks expanding so fact? The answer is simple . Most of the social 1 services are cost free. You can made use of them free, paying a very little to your Internet services provider. Secondly, you can made your personal profile public before the entire online community. It is like presenting yourself before the entire world. You can also look into the other people's profile if you are interested. It is simple and easy .thirdly, social networks allow user to upload pictures, multimedia content and modify the profile. Some like Facebook allow users to update their profiles. Fourthly, networks allow users to post blog entries. Users profiles have section dedicated to comments from friends and other users. Finally, there are privacy protection measures too. A user himself or decides over the number of visitor/viewers, and what information should be shared with others.

Social Network Individual users Percentage (%) of popularity Regions covered Worldwide
Facebook 792,999,000 55.10%   Worldwide
Google+ 250,000,000 17.70%   Worldwide
Twitter 167,903,000 11.70%   Worldwide
LinkedIn 94,823,000 6.60%   Asin and Europe
MySpace 61,037,000 4.20%  

USA and Canada

Others 255,539,000 17.80%    
Total 1,438,877,000 100%